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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Gratuitous Icon Post
sheeeeeep! iiiiiin! spaaaaaace!
Look! I have a new userpic! Is it not nifty? It's from a picture by windiain and it may possibly be the coolest thing ever.

And to make this slightly less gratuitously icon posting, have a trandom anecdote to prove what a scatterbrain I am:

The other day, the lightbulb in my bedroom went. Naturally, I go to change it. The process involved here goes soemthing like this:

Walk through to kitchen.
Try to remember which cupboard the lightbulbs are in.
Open said cupboard.
Reach up and grasp about for a box
Check that it is, in fact, the right type of lighbulb
Walk back through to the bedroom
Turn on the light so I can better see what I'm doing
Turn on the light so I can better see what I'm doing
Huh? What the hell?
Realise that the reason the light isn't turning on is because the bulb is gone
Proceed to stand on bed, take out old bulb and insert new one using only the light available to me from the sun.

You are all now free to disown me.

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In the words of the now legendary Simon Jones (no, not that Simon Jones) - "Let's use the sun as a convinient source of light."

Also, it raises the interesting question: "How many rhos does it take to change a lightbulb?"

One, apparently.

Which puts her ahead of pretty much every other social, technical, and religious minority :-)

Eh, I don't think that requires disowning you. Just some good old-fashioned pointing and laughing.

*agrees* *points* *laughs*

Oh goodness. I love you, rho. :)

Also, I was wondering if it might be alright if I called you some {day,evening,night}. I really {miss,enjoy,guinea pig} talking with you and {hope,aspire,thirst} for a chance to do so soon. Besides, I think you're {shiny,hawt,scrumptious}. How would that be? Lemme know. :)

Me, trying to turn the light on to change the bulb? That's perfectly normal behaviour. Everyone does it. Well, most people.

OK, it might just be you and me. But I'm pretty sure that someone else does it too.

*is undeniably said someone else* Argh. Is there a support group for this? Should someone start lightbulb_issues?

Yes. Yes, they should. I nominate rho.

Yes, rho! Lead us! Out of the, um, burnt-out-lightbulb-related darkness!

I wouldn't worry too much... there was insufficient light, yes? (Oh, darn it all to heck.)

Look at the bright side...(bright side, get it? its about light bulbs HAHAHAHAHA)... I have had similar situations happen to me too, but I forget to turn the light off so as I screw in the bulb, I burn my fingers!

On a side note, I have a lamp that the light bulbs don't work in any more... I don't know whats wrong with it! I need more light!

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