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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Strange Amazon Recommendation
delirium happy
Amazon's recommendations are normally pretty good. And even when they aren't any good, they normally make sense (no, I will never ever want to buy Star Trek Voyager DVDs, no matter how many Deep Space Nine DVDs I buy). But sometimes... Well, can anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?

Pride and Prejudice: Recommended because you purchased Wallace and Grommit

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Hee. One thing that breaks that kind of system is very very popular stuff, IME. So if you tell it you like the Beatles, you usually get recommendations for absolutely any kind of random music from high in the charts, and what's ultra-trendy today is generally nothing like the Beatles, unsurprisingly. Huge numbers of people saw P&P, so that's going to give it artificial similarity to a whole bunch of things just because of statistical noise.

I assume the were-rabbit link is because they're both British, and as such they're very similar movies? :D

Granted, the Amazon thingies are wacked out, but...

I happen to like Vger much better than DS9. Granted, it's cheesy, but at least it doesn't flatten and distort characters (i.e., Worf & Bashir) in a desperate attempt to flesh them out into likeable folks.

I have nothing relevant to add; I simply can't hold in the following any longer: Eeeeeeeeee!! SPACE SHEEP!!!!!!!

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