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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I still atent dead.
delirium leaving
So I commented at someone the other day, and redeived a comment in reply along the lines of "Aha! So you're not dead then!" Upon checking, it would appear that I haven't posted anything here for 5 weeks, so I can see where that sentiment is coming from. Um, oops? I guess I ought to post something here to assure people that I'm not dead:

I'm not dead.

I just haven't had anything to write about. Or rather, the few things that I have had to write about, I either never got around to them or couldn't find the motivation, or whatever. This tends to happen occasionally. If it does and if anyone is worried about me (not necessarily in the "are you still alive?" way, but also the "is something serious the matter?" way) then feel free to poke at me. For people on my friends list, my email address is in my profile. For people not on my friends list, you can comment at me. And in either case, please be explicit with an "are you alive/ok?" type question. I will always read email and comments, but don't always reply. If you make it obvious that you're wondering if I'm ok, then I'm most likely to reply, even if it is only with a brief "still not dead" one liner. And for completeness, I should add that posting to your LJ is a poor way of contacting me. I skim read a lot of stuff and miss things, so if there is something that needs my attention, it's best to contact me directly.

So let's try something of a proper update while I'm here, shall we?

Had my first appointment with a psychiatrist for something like 5 years a couple of weeks ago. It went reasonably well, even if one hour of appointment did lead to about 3 or 4 days of total exhaustion afterwards, but that's hardly unexpected. The psychiatrist seemed to be amiable, competent and in general Not An Asshole. Which is always a plus. She also happens to be called Liz Ashton and was wearing pink when I saw her. This amused me no ends. (For those who don't know, I have an ex who also carries that name, and is also a very pink person.)

Was meant to have another appointment the other day, but it was canceled from their end for unspecified reason. (I didn't ask. I just assumed that it was probably something reasonable. And besides, it suited me well, since it would have been somewhat awkward for me to get to the appointment then). But yay making (slow) progress on making my brain not suck.

I've also decided that I'm planning to work with psychiatric type people, and tell them what's actually true, rather than what I think is mostly likely to get them to do for me what I want them to. This policy will continue for just as long as I manage to continue dealing with people who aren't assholes.

Also on the subject of being messed up in the head this entry by theferrett got me thinking. I'm not sure I ever really reached any sort of conclusion on it, but it was definitely food for thought.

Not really a huge deal else going on in my life at the moment. Hence the lack of updates. Am starting to get bored to tears with Guild Wars though, which is my main time-eater. I suspect that this means I will end up trying to find some other game to eat up all my time. It's also marginally posible that I may start doing something actually useful and productive with my time, but that doesn't seem likely.

In very old news which I have to repeat anyway, just in case anyone has missed it: Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!

And in nifty links news, I really, really want a slide rule now. Because I am a huge geek, yes.

And finally, I leave you with three essay-style journal entries I thought on but never got around to writing. They would have given you my thoughts on faith, on frivolity and on tactical voting. But I'm not going to tell you what those thoughts are, both because I'm a big tease, and because I wouldn't want to spoil the fun if I ever do get around to writing them.

And, y'know, stuff. And probably also things. Hi. Not dead.

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(Deleted comment)
I've wanted a slide rule for a while too, but it's always been a sort of back-of-my-mind vague notion that it would be a cool thing to have. Reading about them just made them all that mroe real and more desirable.

Always good to know you're around. :-)

I take it boredom is why I haven't spotted you playing Nightfall?

She's completed it! Which might also be a reason for boredom...

And rho, I'm glad you're not dead, but I already knew that as I see you around every day, so that lessened the impact of the announcement somewhat.

What Emma said. I played through it all fairly fast, then got bored of it. The storyline is nice, and there's lots of new pretty, but the gameplay on the training island wasn't enough to keep me occupied for very long. Which is to be expected really, given it's just the preview and stuff.

Good to see you come up for air once in a while. I'm glad you're working on the headspace stuff. It's a real pain, but ultimately everyone needs to work on it a bit. Some just need a third party to help them out a bit. Missed you, slide rule geek!

This is true. It's one of those things that I know, but need to be reminded of from time to time. And thank you.

Congratulations on your continued not-deadness. Also grr at the spreading of slide rule lust. Annoyingly I used to have one, though not a clue as to how to use it, suspect it's somewhere in the darkest reaches of my parents' house.

Am delighted to hear you're not dead & hope this continues to be the case long into the future.

And hopefully I'll catch you online again sometime..

That's.. disturbing. Although I'm not pink anymore :)

Glad you're doing reasonably well though :)


Liz A.

Not... pink... does not compute... :)

Though I suppose it must be a goodly number of years since last I saw you, so change rally oughtn't surprise me.

Yay. Not dead. I was approaching the emailing you stage but wondered whether you would prefer some space. Feel kinda guilty for going weird and thus not visitng- especially as I was looking forward to it and so had decided you didn't want to hear from me.

Yay Rho. Woo Rho.

Nah, don't feel guilty. Would have been a bad time for me as well. Though to be honest, with my current headspace, most of the time seems to be a bad time. I'm sure we;ll figure something out at some point though. As a general rule, if I go quiet on you, it's generally safe to assume that it's because of something weird going on in my head and not because you've done something to offend me. When people offend me, I generally tend to tell them. I don't have the mental energy to spend on passive aggressive games or silent treatment or whatever.

Oh, and you're always welcome to email me, if you want to.

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