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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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IM clients
delirium happy
With the official release of LJ-Talk, I'm reminded of why I gave up bothering with it before. Having multiple chat clients is just annoying. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any IM client that meets my requirements:

Must run on Windows XP.
Must be able to speak AIM and Jabber. Should preferably do ICQ, MSN and Y!M as well.
Must be free (as in beer).
Must be able to have chat sessions with multiple people in tabs within a single window.
Must be easily configurable (which basically means "not gaim", which I'm sure is wonderful and all, but I surely cannot be mithered spending hours faffing around with GTK).
Should preferably be able to reconnect me automatically if I disconnect.
Should preferably be able to deal with direct file transfer; need not do any other bloat and whistles that come in IM programs (other than sending of messages, naturally).
Should preferably be able to log messages for me automatically.
Should preferably be able to understand UTF8.
Should preferably give me the option to turn off any annoying "features" like graphical smileys or audio alerts.

Anyone know if such a beast exists?

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(Deleted comment)
Yep. From memory, when I've tried using it in the past, I found that the text size was too small and gave me a headache. And when I looked into changing that, it said that it took all it's graphica settings from GTK options, so if I wanted to change them I'd have to install GTK for windows, and then figure out how to configure that, and it all seemed like far too much effort. I forget the exact details, since it's been a while since I last tried, but it was something along those lines.

The Extended Preferences plugin for gaim lets you change font sizes from within gaim, but like every other Extended Preferences panel ever it's not exactly a usability dream. Better than hand-editing your gtkrc, though.

I'm not really sure why the text size would seem too small to you there but not in other programs. I'm using what I think is a fairly old version (1.5.0, but am too lazy to check to see what the current one is) and the text size there is the same as for everything else on my computer. I checked to make sure it didn't stay smaller if I switched Windows to have large fonts, and it didn't...everything there grew just as much as in the other programs. So I'm puzzled and curious. :)

It's tiny in my version of Gaim as well (looks about 8px to me).

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