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delirium happy

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IM clients
delirium happy
With the official release of LJ-Talk, I'm reminded of why I gave up bothering with it before. Having multiple chat clients is just annoying. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any IM client that meets my requirements:

Must run on Windows XP.
Must be able to speak AIM and Jabber. Should preferably do ICQ, MSN and Y!M as well.
Must be free (as in beer).
Must be able to have chat sessions with multiple people in tabs within a single window.
Must be easily configurable (which basically means "not gaim", which I'm sure is wonderful and all, but I surely cannot be mithered spending hours faffing around with GTK).
Should preferably be able to reconnect me automatically if I disconnect.
Should preferably be able to deal with direct file transfer; need not do any other bloat and whistles that come in IM programs (other than sending of messages, naturally).
Should preferably be able to log messages for me automatically.
Should preferably be able to understand UTF8.
Should preferably give me the option to turn off any annoying "features" like graphical smileys or audio alerts.

Anyone know if such a beast exists?

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I don't use IM software, but I've heard raves about something called Trillian. I've been told it's compatible with all other IM clients out there.

I use Trillian. It does AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and MSN, but not (as far as I know) Jabber. I've managed to turn off the graphical smilies and noises and stuff without much effort.

It runs on Windows XP. It's free. It does tabs (even though I never use them). I think it does automatic reconnects. It does file transfer. It automatically logs conversations.

I don't know what's meant by configurable, and I've never wanted to know if it does UTF8, but it does everything else except Jabber.

Trillian is what I'm using at the moment. It does most of what I'd want... but not Jabber. Hence the annoyance at having to use two clients if I try to use LJ Talk. Basically, I'm woindering if anything exists that can do everything Trillian does, except jabber as well. I preobably should have stated this.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I was really wanting to recommend Trillian Pro, but for the fact it costs money. You could be sneaky and find someone with it installed and copy their whole program directory as I did, so I have a functioning version of it without spending any money. If I can figure out how to remove any profiles and passwords and chat logs and stuff, I could share around a functional version of it.

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