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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I have a personal rule that when I'm mulling over difficult decissions, I try to separate deciding what needs to be done with deciding how to do it. I try to avoid giving any consideration to the how until I've managed to figure out the what. The logic here being that the right thing to do is often difficult, painful or some such which makes it seem like a less desirable option when deciding on what to do which can cloud my judgment. So instead, I figure out what to do, and then set to figuring out how to achieve trhe desired goal. Of course, sometimes the desired goal proves to be impossible, or it has unforseen side-effects that make it not be the best decission after all, in which case I have to go back to the drawing board and start again. Generally, though, it works well.

It occurred to me recently that I really ought to try applying the same principle to my life. With my mental health being as absent as it is, I generally tend to see pretty much anything more involved than "going to the supermarket" (and sometimes even that) as far far beyond my capabilities. This means that I don't really tend to have any particular goals or ambitions, because they all seem so pointless and unachievable. And of course, with no goals, there's no drive or motivation to improve, which leads to a wonderful positive feedback[1] loop o' doom.

So I'm thinking now, where do I want my life to be? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? I really don't know. I was going to start trying to figure that out here, but I've run out of energy for writing and thinking about this for now, so it will have to wait. Someone please prod me if I go for too long and show no signs of considering this further.

[1] And since there are some non-geeks reading this, I realise that "positive feedback" could sound like a good thing. It isn't. Positive feedback is something like putting a microphone next to a speaker. A tiny little noise gets amplified, then picked up again by the mic over and over, until you get a horrible loud screech. It's called positive feedback because it makes the thing in question (like the noise, or the depression) bigger. Negative feedback, on the other hand is something like a thermostat on a heater. If it gets too hot, the heater gets turned off; if it gets too cold, it gets turned on. This is negative feedback because the feedback operates in the opposite direction to the thing it's regulating, which generally tends to keep things in equilibrium.

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Thank you so much for using "positive feedback" correctly.

This all sounds very wise.

Please forgive off-topicness, but d'you remember when there was a bit of an argument about fat politics here? Someone linked to a very useful article, I think it was from Scientific American, debunking some of the common fat/health ideas. And I went back later and couldn't find either the article or the post from which it had been linked. It would be really useful to me just now, so if the person who posted about it before could stick the link on here again I'd be v grateful. Or if you tagged the post in question do you know what the tag was? but I think it might have predated LJ tagging. anyway clues are welcome...

http://rho.livejournal.com/280854.html is the entry. I guess my tsagging system only makes sense to me (it was tagged under "mind and body").

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