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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Random stuff
delirium happy
First off, thank you to everyone who's responded to my last entry. I do like to keep at least something of an eye on US politics, both for the obvious impact it has on the world at large, and for the fact that it's something that matters to a bunch of people who are important to me. As someone who isn't surrounded by it every day, I really don't have the time or energy to really properly understand it though. Having various different insights from you guys is nifty though. I still don't fully grok the answer to the question I asked, but I'm getting there. Any further comments there are welcome.

Secondly, I finally got up the courage to install firefox 2.0 today. I say courage, because I always hate upgrading firefox because it always seems that all my extensions will stop working and the ones that do still work will take a few hours of reconfiguring to get them back into the state they were before. It's generally got better in this respect recently, but it still feels like something of a hit and miss process. What firefox really needs is something where I could just click a button and say "which of my extensions will still work when I upgrade?" That would make the whole process much less annoying.

As it happens, this particular upgrade was fairly painless. Thus far, 2.0 seems pretty much the same as 1.5.6 or whatever the most recent version I was using beforehand was. Good changes:

Manage search engines
Open link in background tab option in right click menu

Bad changes:

My "copy as plain text" plugin no longer works
The dropdown for search engines randomly moved to the left of the text field, for no reason at all other than to piss me off
The green "back" and "forward" arrows have had their colour changed to be less vivid, and therefore less distinct from the grey "you can't go back" version of the buttons, confusing me greatly.

Thirdly, I have pseudorandomly1 managed to become quite entranced with Dar William's voice today. Unfortunately for me I only have 3 of her songs on my hard drive. Fortunately for me, all of them were sent to me by one or other of you guys, so I feel comfortable coming to you for a recommendation. What would be a good album of hers to buy first?

Fourthly, I am going to bed. Hopefully I will manage to avoid having nightmares of cybermen (I watched Torchwood earlier. Those things give me the heebie-jeebies). Good night.

[1] By which I mean that I know precisely how and why it happened, but to explain would be long and dull, so you'll have to take it on faith that it happened.

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I have the entirety of Dar Williams' albums on the server here. And actually copied such to my iPod this morning. Are you projecting into my head, sweetie? Actually, some friends of mine saw Dar at the Garlic Festival up the road last month. Neat. :)

Also, I heart you and hope you are having sweet dreams!

Being specific...

Songs I particularly enjoy:
The Ocean
Iowa (Travelling III)
As Cool As I Am

Songs that are also well-loved by my friends:
When I Was a Boy
The Christians and the Pagans
What Do You Hear in These Sounds

Songs that are on tinyrevolution's Long Car Trip mixes:
Road Buddy
Closer To Me
Your Fire Your Soul

Songs with Dar covering other people and sounding amazingly wonderful:
All Men Are Liars
Wilder Than Her

I suppose I'd have to recommend the album Mortal City. It's got my favorite selection of all her albums; personally, though, I prefer the Dar mix I made a couple years ago, which is very pretty and has this userpic on the disc label.

Re: Being specific...

Also, I really like the song Another Mystery.
And I have the AIM sn "anothrmystery," because I really am that dorky.

Aye, I waited until a few days back. LJ Hook is dead, copy plain text is dead, Crash Recovery has been integrated, beyond that it looks good to go extension wise. I had to wait until flashblock worked before even considering it.

I read someone out there has the old theme available as a DL, no idea who or where, and there are a number of about:config tweaks. Plus, in options, you can turn the size of tabs down and also put the close tab button back where it should be if'n you hate the new one.

Oh; I put ESN on for your previous post as it was interesting, you are getting some pretty good stuff there, impressive. So much so I may reference it in the future, which is weird.

I use tab mix plus, so in the old version, I already had the close tab buttons both on every tab (on mouseover only) and on the far right of the tab bar. Then I upgraded, and the button on the right hand of the bar had disappeared, but I quickly added that back. Personally, I'd go nuts if I lost either one. The close button on the tabs themselves gets used when I want to close a few tabs when I've accumulated cruft by not closing stuff; it's much easier for me to close in a single click than having to select the tab, mvoe the mouse and then close. But on the other hand if I'm closing a whole lot of tabs at once, it's generally easier to just click on the right hand close current tab button a whole lot. I'm horribly picky about these things.

<3 Dar. I personally like The Green World and The Beauty of the Rain best, of the ones I've heard. I unfortunately don't have ...uh, whichever the newest one is, which is why I don't recall the name, so I have no idea if it's in a similar vein as the two I mentioned, or back to her older style (which is really not that different, just slightly less polished) or if she's gone insane and is doing something completely new and unusual now.

Since the ones you already have came from some of us, it's quite likely you have this one, but here:

You're Aging Well

i love Dar Williams

the only album i have is My Better Self and I love it love it love it.

I am now leaving you my recommendation for End of the Summer in the form of an LJ comment where you can easily look it up in the future, should you need to do so. See how biddable I am?

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