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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium pissed off
My technical-novice father appears to have discovered the joys of sending 5MB "funny" email forwards. Lucky me. Anyone have any experience in trainging parents not to do this sort of thing?

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I found explaining in person or the telephone that I have usually seen these wretched things n times before and that they aren't original, it is just that she hasn't seen them before.

My mum got some .exe which was a crappy Xmas thing. She thought it was WONDERFUL and was all shocked when I failed to be even slightly impressed. I explained that it was all so 1994, that I'd seen umptymillion of them before and technically it was Just Not That Clever(tm).

I don't care what my mum and her annoying novice friends send to one another. Just don't send them to me. When she does, I just delete them and fail to be amused when she asks me if I liked it...

My mum's first windows trojan came from a animated singing .exe email forward.

If it's a text forward, google for it on a webpage somewhere and email me a link. Or preferably, actually communicate with me.

I've tried that... "But it came from $friend" etc etc. She does have a virus checker and she'll have to learn the painful way! I figure a "here, reinstall windows with this" will teach the lesson nicely.

Now I need to stop her sending phone address book data by 'business card' because Not Everyone Uses Nokias(tm).

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