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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium pissed off
My technical-novice father appears to have discovered the joys of sending 5MB "funny" email forwards. Lucky me. Anyone have any experience in trainging parents not to do this sort of thing?

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I have some experience of a 100% effective, though perhaps suboptimal technique:

It is to simply do nothing and wait, and then continue to do nothing. Eventually their computer will succome to a trojan, critical mass of bloatware, catastrophic user error or hardware failure. At this point, in the absence of a child who can magically convert incoherent error reports into a working machine, they will either
a) buy/steal a whole new computer which lacks their original address book data and ISP details, or
b) decide that the internet is 'too complicated' and revert to spamming you via the postal system.

As I say, suboptimal. Although I must say one of the few advantages of being disowned by your parents is not having to deal with the "I did X and there was an error." "What was the error?" "Does it matter?" conversations, or any more sodding SCART cables.

The UKC news server used to reject posts if they contained more than n% quoted lines. Though relatively ineffective at raising the signal-to-noise ratio, the basic idea of screening messages before allowing them onto the network has merit. Someone (or perhaps Anyone) simply needs to develop an SMTP relay that rejects messages that are excessively lame, with an informative (and hopefully sarcastic) bounce message. It will then be a small matter of encouraging all the major[1] ISPs to adopt the new software, and the Internet shall be saved. Hurrah!

[1] Posters of crappy forwards, all caps, illiterate txtr spk, bad quoting etc tend not to use lesser-known ISPs, afterall.

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