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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium pissed off
My technical-novice father appears to have discovered the joys of sending 5MB "funny" email forwards. Lucky me. Anyone have any experience in trainging parents not to do this sort of thing?

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Reply to each one with: Thank you, although I'd seen that before.

And then send a few dozen over to the person. Soon, the novelty value will wear out. Also, introduce them to http://www.snopes.com - welcome to the internet, learn about snopes - that should be mandatory, so they can check out hoaxes before forwarding and hopefully cut down on a few false alerts. Or even real ones that you're already going to be aware of.

Seconded. I told my mom about snopes repeatedly. Even did "reply all" to some massively-forwarded fake info she'd sent with a quick explanation of the fakitude and a link to snopes. Eventually it sunk in, or maybe she was just too embarrassed that she'd been sending out junk and misinformation.

I did the same with my mom (and the first time, my uncle wrote to me and thanked me for the link to Snopes, then he busted her the next time she did it. hehe). She's very diligent about that now, but anything remotely "cute" or "funny" she still sends to half the world. At least she's learned to use Bcc:.

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