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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium pissed off
My technical-novice father appears to have discovered the joys of sending 5MB "funny" email forwards. Lucky me. Anyone have any experience in trainging parents not to do this sort of thing?

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I trained my mom not to send this stuff - and to be extremely cautious about anything with a file attached, no matter who it came from. The first reason I give for not passing all that stuff around is that it clogs up people's email boxes and can prevent them from receiving other mail. Even tho this is mostly an exaggeration, mom (and your dad) are not technically knowledgeable enough to know that and it's more objective than "I've already seen that and I don't want any more of them" so they don't get as offended. Then I point out how all the forwarding (most times with zillions of email addresses visible) helps spread viruses and spam to help discourage it.

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