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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Given my general tendency to randomly disappear for weeks at a time, I'm sure most of you haven't noticed, but for those of you who have observed my absence for the past day and a half or so, I have been ABEND. To be more specific, my computer has died. Cause of death is not conclusively known, but preliminary indications indicate that it may have been a PSU failure.

I'm currently at my parents' house. I was planning on visiting them this weekend anyway, so I figured it made sense to come a couple of days early, have my beloved Interent access back (even if this keyboard does suck, the monitor is too close and firefox doesn't have all my extensions installed), and use this as a base of operations for, for instance, ordering a new PSU online.

I am tired now, so shall be going to bed. I shall attemp to reply to comments and emails tomorrow. I may or may not manage to get on IRC or AIM at some point, but either way, shall not be around so much as I otherwise would be for the next few days at least.

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Dead pc not good. Hope you can have a good weekend anyway, even if it is setting up a complete profile there...

You have almost as good PSU karma as kimble has CDROM drive karma!

Hope it is able to be fix0red soon.

It's weird. I always used to kill monitors. These days, monitors love me and I never seem to get even so much as a dead pixel, but I've started eating through PSUs at an alarming rate. I guess I shouldn't complain though; PSUs are much cheaper than monitors.

No! Don't give them pox! Pox is what causes this sort of problem in the first place!

As with most things relating to computers, the correct course of action is a stern threat of defenestration, and if that doesn't have the desired effect, replace it with a shinier model.

Could I use a hammer instead of defenestration? Because the downside to the latter is you have to repace the window as well as the PSU.

But replacing windows is often beneficial where computers are concerned...

interweb death sucks. :o(

*hugs you*

Gak! Bad computer- no breaky! No breaky!!

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