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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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On being a spoiled rotten geek
I'm still at my parents'. A new PSU is on order from Scan, but I don't have it yet. Hopefully it should be ready to be picked up at some point today (Scan are situated about 15 minutes drive away from here, down the M61 in Horwich so picking it up is easier, faster and cheaper than having it delivered).

Interestingly, what was originally meant to be an order for a c.£20 PSU actually ended up coming to over £365. Its final form included two 19" TFT monitors (one for me, one for my dad; both replacing 17" CRT ones (in my case I have a dual monitor setup and my other monitor was already a 19" TFT)), and a printer/scanner/copier for me (I don't have a printer, since I@ve never really had enough need for one to warrant spending money on it). If my dad wants to pay for shiny geek things for me, then I'm certainly not going to complain though (he had to pay with his card, since he'll be picking it up, since he has a car).

I suppose that it comes down to money, really. I have not-much, so my instinct is to think "what I've already got is fine" and "no, I don't really need that", whereas he has significantly more than I do, so he's more likely to think "since I can afford it, let's get the nice thing". I'm spoiled rotten, really, but I'm not going to complain about that either.

In a similar vein, we also went out on a trip to Ikea last night. Ever since I moved into my apartment, my bedroom has contained old and moderately grotty hand-me-down furniture (excepting a new bed and a fitted wardrobe). This has been absolutely fine for me, but my dad has always been of the opinion that I should have new stuff. This is the sound of me not complaining. So anyway, last night we went out to Ikea and he bought me some. Specifically, a nice, matching wooden set of drawers and bedside table, and a couple of lamps.

As we were heading towards the warehousey bit where you pick up your hernia-inducing boxes of flatpack jigsaw puzzle, we passed through the section of pictures and prints and things. It won't surprise you to learn that my dad thought my flat needed some of these too, whereas I have never really been bothered for them. And this is the bit of the tale that I'd actually meant to write about here, since it demonstrates my excessively geeky side; I just got carried away with other stuff when I realised it was possibly vaguely interesting.

So anyway, we're in the picture section, my dad is asking me if I want any, and I'm being grouchy, since I was tired, and my back was hurting from the walking around. He's just about to give up on me, when I point at one that I like. Of course, there was a good selection, so it's not surprising that I could find something I liked amongst the pretties. The one I pointed out, though, was a nautilus shell. "Oooh, look!" says I, "It's a logarithmic spiral!" Yes, I am beyond all hope, but it's not my fault that logarithmic spirals are really cool. (I have a vague sort of desire to at some point somehow acquire for myself an LJ userpiciconthing of an animation of perpetually zooming in on a logarithmic spiral.)

And yes, in the end he did end up buying that for me as well.

And since I'm discussing my maths-geekdom, I should also say that I have provisionally registered for the OU course M208 Pure Mathematics. I tried to register online, and it said they would send me something through the post which I would then have to send back to them with payment. But still. Presuming nothing goes badly wrong it starts, if memory serves, on January 27. Thanks to everyone who weighed in with opinions and advice over my course decision.

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Mmmm... dual TFT monitors, guaranteed to cause much joygasm. So shiny, so useful, and so space-savey. I could never go back. *hugs dual monitors*

"Oooh, look!" says I, "It's a logarithmic spiral!"

That caused me considerably more amusement than seems reasonable.

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