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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Over the past 24 hours I have received 7 emails that were sent from actual real human beings specifically to me. With 4 different people being amongst the senders of these 7. I quite literally cannot remember the last time I received so much email that I actually wanted to read.

(In other news: photos of children frightened by Santa Claus.)

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Hahahahhaha. My sister was so afraid of Santa that she begged to have the Easter Bunny come on Christmas instead.

I told Santa to "piss off" when I was three. My mother loves to retell the story of having to stand in line in a Darwin summer [42C, though the temperature goes up with every retelling], with a gaggle of mothers and their screaming children.

Little Bear got quieter and quieter the closer we got to the fat man, and when he finally reached out to grab me, I took the deepest breath and yelled as loud as my little lungs could - "PISS OFF!"

It's almost as good as the time I asked my great grandfather if he had a dick, when I was 6.

It's a miracle my mother didn't smother me as a child, seriously.

That is a wonderful and fantastic story. Thank you for sharing.

lucky you. I get tons of e-mail daily, most of it from unknown people all with the subject line "Jane wrote" or "Michael said" or "From Susan". But if I get 30 "From Susan"s in one day, all with a different first name, I doubt any are worth reading.


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oh, and an e-mail from my mother, a comment for Lydia, and that's it.

I usually get next to nothing, other than LJ comments, and the occasional spam that makes it through my filters. That's why having so many in one day was actually noteworthy.

PS I haven't spoken to you in ages. How are you doing? I miss you.

I miss you too. I can only use aim through aim express right now. but i'll sign on because i miss you. normally i forget.

I'm getting a lot of the "it's me $name" or "$name wrote:" and a few "$name check this" spam too. So tired of spam. If I could be bothered, I'd shut off my LJ address and use something else, but I'd have to change it in a lot of places and it would be a huge pain in the ass, and only a temporary solution before they find me again. *sigh*

yeah, that's how i feel about it too. it would be a hassle to tell everyone my address changed-- that's why i give out my lj address to people! so that i'll always be reachable when my address changes. but it's just ridiculous how much "it's me $name" i get. and they're all addressed to me and other p-user name's at lj.com

This kid has the best expression ever.

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