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Naked on the Internet
delirium happy
Today, I have been interviewed (by email) by someone researching a book they are writing about sex on the Internet. That is all.

What? Why are you still here? Oh, you wanted context. Well fine. I read the blog, Waking Vixen (wakingvixenrss), written by a self described "New Yorker, writer, sex worker rights advocate, alternative model, safer sex educator and intrepid pervert". She is writing said book and recently asked if there were people from a few categories who would be willing to be interviewed. One of them was "people who had researched transgender related issues online", so naturally I said "sure". If nothing else, it gave me the opportunity to say the first sentence in this post, which is not something I get to say every day.

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That's cool.
Though, being evil, I would have left the context for a seperate post the following day ;o)

See, I thought about that, but then I figured that if I did I'd probably forget about it and never write it. Scatterbrain that I am.

Nifty. And thanks for the new friends list addition.

Bah. Where's the gratuitous nudity that's supposed to accompany such posts? ;)

I knew what picture that would be before I clicked it. Go me!

Yay! I have a stalker!

gah, you are so cute. :)

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