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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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OU Stuff
delirium happy
I got the registration form for my OU study through today. As I think I mentioned, I tried registering online last Friday, but they had to send me some stuff, which I had to fill in and send back. Turns out it was a fairly hefty (A4, c.30 pages) pamphlet of "Conditions of registration", and I had to sign a bit of paper saying that I've read them and agree to them. With me being the suspicious and crotchety type, I did actually read through them. They were all standard sort of fair, really "Thou shalt not be an asshole. Should you contrive to fail to follow this sound advice, we pwn your nub ass". That's paraphrased, of course. I'm curious though:

Which of the following do you tend to read?

Stuff that I sign in real life
ToS and privacy policies of websites I use
License agreements of software
None of the above

I sent the form back via special delivery. It was only due back by the 15th, and while it would likely be back by then if sent by standard post, and I'd not be surprised if it wasn't a hard deadline, but still. I figure that the 4 quid I spent on it was worth it, on the grounds I'd really kick myself if something did go wrong and I could have easily prevented it.

I'm actually looking forward to this a great deal; I think much more than I would be were I going back to Lancaster. It's partly that I'm feeling generally good in life at the moment, partly that distance learning seems a whole lot less stressful than having to drag myself to classes at set times and going at someone else's pace, and partly that I'm looking forward to the subject matter (the pure maths).

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I always read stuff I sign on paper. I'll read the TOS/ provacy stuff of sites I use a lot, but not pay too much attention (ie, I've read LJs and Google's, but I'm normally looking for violations not stuff that effects me). I virtually never read licence agreements, they're full of crap.

Which is daft really, considering they're written like that in order to put you off reading them in the first place.

I keep thinking of doing something OU based, but I never quite get around to it.

For website policies, I usually just skim through the important sections and make sure nothing seems amiss, so it's kind of reading.

Most of my software is under the GPL, so I don't bother with that. :)

Good luck with the course!

Zoë is starting with an OU course too - she'll be doing law. Just what the world needs; more Lawyers :P

I read the license agreements if it's a non-standard license and I'm using the software at work.

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