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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Royal Mail suck. News at 11.
delirium pissed off
You recall how I posted my OU stuff via special delivery? Well that's meant to be next day delivery if you post it before a given time, or day after if it's later than that time. I posted it on Friday at around about 16:30. Too late for next day, day after is Sunday when there's no post, so it should have been guaranteed by today. So I go to their website to track the order and make sure that it's arrived, and get told:

Come back later

Special Delivery™ 9am items are first tracked when they reached our mail centre. This may be late in the evening on the day the item was sent.

Information on your item is not yet available online.

Which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. This may mean "it's already been delivered and we've removed the data from the system already because we suck", or it might mean, "we've fucked up the delivery that you paid over 4 quid for because we suck". I also tried the phone number they gave for tracking it, but that just put me through to an automated disembodied voice that said "haha, you lose at speaking" whenever I tried talking at its crappy voice recognition system, thereby managing to surprise me by being even less useful than the website.

All of which adds up to a trip to the post office being required tomorrow morning. I find myself annoyed by this.

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From experience of playing with this at work, they don't update their website until after lunchtime on the day the item is supposed to be delivered. Yes this sucks, no there's not a lot you can do about it.

Ahh and, if you sent it by Special Delivery to arrive *before* 9am (rather than standard Special Delivery, which is before 1pm), they will have tried to deliver it before 9am and if there was no one in the OU's offices to take delivery it will have been taken back to the local sorting office place for the OU to arrange collection or re-delivery.

I sent it by standard special delivery, as far as I'm aware. At least, the receipt that I have says "guaranteed by 1pm" on it. Also, it was meant to be delivered today, and it's definitely after lunchtime now, and the website is still being uncooperative. Depending on what my sleep patterns are like, I may try waiting until after lunchtime tomorrow, to see if there's any change by then. What sort of time do they generally tend to update, in your experience?

It generally takes them forever to remove items from their website, so I suspect that it isn't that.

On the utility of a chocolate teapot. Thought might amuse. http://www.plokta.com/plokta/issue23/teapot.htm

That is a delight. Sometimes I know why the internet exists, it is usually after viewing pages such as this.

Also, hello Rachel. We met on the LGBTA committee a couple of years ago. I stumbled here through a long, and uninteresting series of clicks. I have enjoyed what I've read so far :-)

Well gosh. I figured that everyone from the LGBT had thoroughly forgotten about my existence by now, what with the whole "disappearing off the face of the earth" trick I pulled when my brain imploded.

I've looked at your userinfo page and am fairly confident that I can remember who you are (the English lit graduate was the giveaway) and am desperately trying to remember your name. Lizzie, was it?

I have also added you to my friends list because what you write appears to be interesting.

I am indeed Lizzie, full marks! I was going to desctibe myself as 'the arrogant twat writing the minutes' if you needed further clarification.

You are added back, although I warn you, my writing very probably does only appear to be interesting ;-)

Interesting or otherwise, you do a fine line in sarcasm, condescension and misanthropy, and that's never to be sniffed at.

(Also: arrogance and twats: both good things.)

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