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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More sleeplessness
delirium pissed off
Something in this universe clearly does not want for me to sleep. Had two nightmares tonight. In the first some sort of criminal type had commandeered a car I was in, and were forcing me to give them directions somewhere. I was rendered mute somehow, so I had to draw a map, but I made a mistake. So they shot someone. And told me they'd shoot more people if I continued messing up. That was fun. Then in the second there was some sort of giant, then a evil witch, then it turned out that they were just aspects of the same insectoid being who wanted to parasitise me and take over control of my body. Yeah. Cue another day of tired and grouchy.

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Nightmares suck. The weird ting is that the weirdest nigfhtmare I ever had was sitting on the roof of my house trying not to eat rabbit pie- was scary and i woke up in a sweat- im sure nightmares are in fact the work of weird hamsters.

I am sooo not obsessed with hamsters.

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