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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The closest I come to Christmas shopping
delirium happy
I used to hate Christmas. These days, I've mostly made my peace with it. We have a nice understanding. I leave it alone and it leaves me alone, and everyone's happy. The one wretchedness that I can't seem to manage to avoid, though, is what it does to supermarkets.

For one thing, they're generally likely to be shut for at least one day, and have vastly reduced opening times on others. For another thing, the opening times shown outside the shop tend to be different from the opening times shown online, and neither one of them tends to have very much in common with when they're actually open. So you know that you're going to have to buy at least a few days worth of food in advance. And you really don't want to go, because you know that it's going to be hellishly busy, but you feel that it's better than starving. So you do go. And it is hellishly busy. And you have the people who are too stressed and preoccupied to look where they're going. And the guys who have been sent out by their wives and girlfriends who are busy with other Christmas preparations, and clearly haven't actually been to a supermarket since the same time last year. And the people who always seem to contrive to leave their trolleys in the position where it will cause the most inconvenience to the largest number of people. And as you struggle your way around the supermarket, you discover that you can't actually buy half of what you wanted, either because they're sold out, or because they've been removed from the shelves to make way for more speciality Christmas items.

Yeah. Guess where I've just been?

As such, I'm feeling particularly proud of myself that when told, at the checkout, to "have a lovely Christmas", I did not respond with "actually, I don't observe that particular holiday, and I'd be much obliged if you'd cease and desist from attempting to push your religious beliefs on me". Nor did I respond with a single, derisive "hah!" Nor even an incomprehensible mumble. Instead, I mustered up my best impression of a cheerful person and replied with "you too". I have to get some sort of good karma points for that, right?

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I made peace with Christmas a few years back. It's the midwinter festival of the days getting longer, a good excuse to see friends, get drunk and eat too much.

Over the course of millenia, a big pile of different religions have tried to hijack it, take it over, rebrand it, move it and, in the case of the only time we've had an extremist Christian government, ban it as un-Christian. It keeps going, people keep enjoying it, and the religious types keep complaining about it losing it's "real meaning". No, this is it's real meaning, celebrate the birth of that kid in March, when he was actually born, leave midwinter for the rest of us please.

With you on the shopping thing though, I need to go buy presents for all the family tomorrow. Last saturday before the event, it's going to be hell. Wonderful.

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