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delirium happy

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LJ styles
delirium happy
I've just changed my journal style. No particular reason for doing so; I just felt like a change. I'm curious though. I use ?style=mine pretty much everywhere on LiveJournal, so I hardly ever see anyone else's styles. I think I subconsciously assume that everyone else does the same, so in choosing a style, I mainly think only of myself, and of what is readable and comfortable for me, and not of how it will look to other people. I'm wondering now if that's a reasonable assumption to make or not.

Poll #898913 ?style=mine

Do you routinely use the ?style=mine option when viewing other people's LiveJournals?

What's that?

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That is, I have it appended to all links from my friends page, but if I decide, "ooh, I'll go and have a look at rho's journal for that entry she wrote on sheep", I won't append it manually unless the style horribly offends my eyes. I'm not fond of the way Expressive and the like renders, but yours is a very pleasing version of it, so I wouldn't bother replacing your style with mine.

Yeah, that's pretty much the same as how I use it. I don't go out of my way to manually enter it into the address bar except for the case of particularly obnoxious styles. But on the other hand, the vast majority of my LJ viewing is done through my friends page, and if I know I'm likely to be checking on a particular entry for comments a lot, then I tend to keep the linked ?style=mine version of it open for a day or two anyway. So yeah.

And I'm not entirely decided bout the style I'm using now. I'll only know whether I actually like it or not in a few days after I've used it for a little while. It passes the initial "can look at it for more than 2 minutes without making my eyes bleed" test, though, which is always a good thing.

That's exactly how I use it too.

On a side note, I'm not sure how I feel about the Vox styles either. I guess I just need to get used to them. :)

That's exactly how I use it too.

And I.

I'm also glad that ?style=mine now carries over when commenting.

I use style=mine for everything. If I want to see something outside my style, I'll open the link in a new tab, like the lj user= link so I can see what you've done to your journal.

Mostly, this just gives me a glorious sense of owning everything on LJ. :)

But gawd, I have got to fix my travesty of a journal, and soon!

To be more precise, I only use ?style=mine if the journal I'm looking at is otherwise eye-bleedingly ugly or doesn't thread comments clearly. By default, I'm kind of interested to see how people have their journals set up. It helps me form an impression of the person I'm reading. And despite having dropped Support I still have the volunteer's mindset of wanting to know how people are using LJ, what styles are popular, what proportion of people know how to do the kewt 'n' k3wl thing, etc.

Agreed; I prefer to see their style, but certain friends (especially those with large header graphics) get either style=mine or format=light if their layout is ugly.

I actually dislike style=mine, as my layout is for my page, and it seems weird to see my blurb text with someone else's links list.

I actively dislike paid accounts that turn their layout off for post pages, but others completely disagree with me, so it's a very much YMMV case.

I'm the other way around; I use S1, so I don't even have the option of journal-styled comment pages, so with ?style=mine, all comment pages I get to from my friends page are in site scheme.

I suspect that even if I were to go to S2, I'd turn off styles comment pages.

(Having other users' pages in site scheme also means I don't have the disconnect of "my layout", blurb text, or other things, appearing there.)

So, yes, our mileage does vary.

I guess for me it's also partially a question of ownership. My journal, my appearance, someone else's journal should look like it's theirs, not LJ's.

It's partially because I journal here, but I blog elsewhere, but others blog here, and some of the better LJs on my friends list are really top-end political blogs. When I link to them, I'd like to be linking to them, not LJ.

But I can see the appeal for a user to always see the default layout, there's a greasemonkey script for it I understand, but as I don't want it I never tried it.

others blog here, and some of the better LJs on my friends list are really top-end political blogs. When I link to them, I'd like to be linking to them, not LJ.

You have a point there.

But I can see the appeal for a user to always see the default layout

TBH I suspect a large part of it for me is my resistance to change.

When I started out with LiveJournal, there was only S1, and all comment pages were in site scheme.

Reading comment pages in all sorts of layouts, when S2 was introduced, looked odd to me. (Especially since I look at users' journal fairly rarely, so I tended not to see styles at all: most of my reading is from my friends pages straight to comment pages.)

And my friends page is a very lightly customised version of Default LiveJournal -- probably more "avoiding change" there, too :)

(I did make the move from Dystopia to XColibur to Horizon, though, though D to X took a bit of getting used to.)

Your icon is made of win. I wish I was primarily a Firefox user so I could beg to steal it and use it everywhere, but it would complicate my browser politics ;) *lies the flag of the little Norwegian browser that could*

*hits F key with a mallet until it works*

I like lying flags though, they're cool.

Icon is actually active_apathy's, and yes, it is. I use Fx as my default because I'm an old Netscape user who never liked IE, and because I like all the nifty plugins.

But I have Opera on my phone, and it's great. I suspect I'd love Opera as much in different ways, but I've got used to Mozilla now (I went from Netscape to Mozilla suite to Fx, with a few very brief IE hating sessions on other peoples PCs).

Steal it anyway; at some point my default may become a 'I replied to your comment using Opera on my phone because I am that obsessive', but for now it remains Fineas...

Only on comment pages; individual journals, I'll look at in the owners' style as long as it doesn't hurt too badly or have Leaping Link Syndrome or something.

Or marquee comment links, or the like, yeah. :)

marquee comment links? Please don't tell me someone has done this? Ouch.

Same here as everyone else - my style on comments, and I'll only use my style on other people's journals if they make my eyes bleed, or do weird shit (some people's journals lag badly for me). The thing with my LJ is it's MY personal space, and other people are allowed to peek at it. So, like my bedroom, I'll decorate it in a manner that pleases me.

I use it all the time when looking at comments pages, but not so often on main journal pages because I need to append it manually then. I'll do that if they have a low skiplink (skip=1 and similar) or for the normal readability reasons.

Not only do I use it everywhere I can, but I even have a Greasemonkey script which rewrites LJ urls on the page to contain style=mine, and which adds it to the current page URL and refreshes if necessary. (And when I want to see someone else's style, I just turn Greasemonkey off).

The primary reason I do this is because I want to read comments in S1-style. But even for viewing journals it's handy -- that way they look like they do on my friends page.

I do it all the time, but my eyes are too finicky for most styles. My style is well-crafted to work for me, and that is one of the things that enables me to read as much on LJ as I do. I want to take advantage of that.

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