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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Blood tests
delirium happy
I am going to be seeing a private sector doctor specialising in transgender issues in a fortnight. I have been advised that when I do, if I say "gib hormones prz", he'll say "not until you get some bloodtests done, nub"1. So today I went to my GP to ask him to scribble on a bit of paper and make it so some NHS nurse can stick a needle in me, so I have the blood tests results before going to see the other doctor. "Sure", says he, "what tests do you need?" I hand him the bit of paper I had where I'd printed out the list of tests that auntysarah had advised me that I would need (FBC, U+Es, LFTs, TFTs, clotting, prolactin, testosterone, glucose and fasting lipids, fact fans). He then proceeds to unnecessarily explain what a fasting blood test and tells me to go off to reception and tell them I need an appointment to see the nurse for a fasting blood test. Which I do. So now I have an appointment for 08:40 tomorrow, ostensibly so I can wake up, go have the test done, then come home and eat breakfast. This is fine and good, except for one minor problem.

I've been awake since approximately 21:30 last night. I expect to wake up at a similar time tomorrow. Which is actually tonight. Which means that I'll likely be fasting for more like 20 hours than the requisite 12. Sometimes, I really do hate my sleep patterns. Still, I am hardy. I shall cope.

[1] The fact that the words gib, prz and nub (and several others) have entered my vocabulary recently is entirely kamara's fault, and I'm still mad at her for it.

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*Beams proudly* Nub. ♥

My sleep pattern's completely shot as well, I woke up at 3pm today, not good.

Working full time sort of controls it, but only just, sometimes I go to work not having slept and coming home to collapse, but now I'm not working there's nothing...

Hope it goes ok overall though, I hate blood tests. And, indeed, all medical type things.

My sleep patterns were somewhat regulated when I was actively in university, but I had the same problem as you with the not sleeping, going in, coming home, and collapsing. I also ound that at university, well, it wasn't going to be the end of the world if I missed a day or two anyway. And things have only got worse since.

I'm sure that it will go fine. I'm not really a fan of having needles stuck in me, but rationally I know that it's nice and simple and easy and what have you. And in about 8 hours time I'll be able to eat something.

Given my level of awakeness, I think one of my irregular all nighters is going to be needed as well, I'm just not in any way sleepy. But then, that shouldn't surprise me given the above. Still, need to get the car MOTd tomorrow, so an early start would make sense.

Now, Torchwood, webcomics or installing another wordpress version onto my site...

You have a clock, no?
12 hours of fasting means no eating until 12 hours before the blood test. You can do that. You have the technology.

The problem is that the 12-hours-before point fell while I was asleep, and had been asleep for about 7 hours. So no eating while I was asleep, and then no eating after I got up, since it was within the 12 hours, means a total of 19 hours without a chance to eat. Which isn't ideal, but I'm managing.

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