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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Blood tests
delirium happy
I am going to be seeing a private sector doctor specialising in transgender issues in a fortnight. I have been advised that when I do, if I say "gib hormones prz", he'll say "not until you get some bloodtests done, nub"1. So today I went to my GP to ask him to scribble on a bit of paper and make it so some NHS nurse can stick a needle in me, so I have the blood tests results before going to see the other doctor. "Sure", says he, "what tests do you need?" I hand him the bit of paper I had where I'd printed out the list of tests that auntysarah had advised me that I would need (FBC, U+Es, LFTs, TFTs, clotting, prolactin, testosterone, glucose and fasting lipids, fact fans). He then proceeds to unnecessarily explain what a fasting blood test and tells me to go off to reception and tell them I need an appointment to see the nurse for a fasting blood test. Which I do. So now I have an appointment for 08:40 tomorrow, ostensibly so I can wake up, go have the test done, then come home and eat breakfast. This is fine and good, except for one minor problem.

I've been awake since approximately 21:30 last night. I expect to wake up at a similar time tomorrow. Which is actually tonight. Which means that I'll likely be fasting for more like 20 hours than the requisite 12. Sometimes, I really do hate my sleep patterns. Still, I am hardy. I shall cope.

[1] The fact that the words gib, prz and nub (and several others) have entered my vocabulary recently is entirely kamara's fault, and I'm still mad at her for it.

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*Beams proudly* Nub. ♥

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