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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Blood test results
delirium happy
And in better news, my doctor's has been competent today, and I now have my blood test results. I passed. Not only do I definitely have blood, but they also seem to suggest that I'm extremely unlikely to be dead, and that I'm most probably human. Score.

(They all came back normal.)

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Yay for normality - or something.


Congratulations! Or something to that effect. Somehow I always feel a little cheated when, after all the effort (and it is *always* a lot of effort) involved in having a blood test, and actually getting results, they come back normal. But then thats probably just me ;-)

(Deleted comment)
*smiles* yeah it's probably worth mentioning I wasn't being entirely serious. I'll never learn that mild sarcasm doesn't carry over the net *shakes fist* damn you internets!

Wow. Living blood eh? All good but... normal? you sure it was your blood? :op

Wait... you're human?! Why did I not suspect this before now?! :D

And yay for actually getting the damn results.

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