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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More medical shenanigans
In the post today, I receive three letters, all CCed to me, all from Dr Ashton (my local psychiatrist). They have a policy of sending copies of everything they send to other doctors to me as well, which is a thing of which I thoroughly approve. First there was one about arranging for me to get CBT, next was the funding request to the PCT, and finally a general sort of summary letter to my GP. Highlights of the letters include:

"...not only is she intelligent and sensible but is emotionally aware, articulate and capable of reflecting on her experiences."

 – Woohoo! I rock! Yeah!

"Diagnosis: Male to female transsexualism."

 – Shocking. I never would have guessed.

"[she] is currently doing an OU degree in physics"

 – Not quite! But given that that's the only actual factual inaccuracy across the three letters, I'll let you off. Apparently you actually did listen to some of the stuff I was saying, which is better than some health professionals I've seen.

"There are no perceptual or cognitive abnormalities"

 – I think that one means I'm sane, in psychiatrist speak.

"we had good eye contact and rapport"

 – That's a new one for me. I usually get the opposite. Will wonders never cease. Possibly I'm becoming better at that one with age.

"I think it is reasonable to keep an antidepressant in reserve. I have to say I did wonder if something like Roboxetine might be most helpful although we don't use it very often."

 – After a brief look on Google and Wikipedia, I'm presuming here that she actually means Reboxetine. Does anyone know anything much about that? Apparently it's a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, and while I can reasonably guess at what that would do based on knowing what adrenaline is and comparison with SSRIs, but I'd want to research it a little before deciding to take it (if I do decide to go down that route, obviously). If anyone happens to know anything about it already then that would be nice to save me the time researching.

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As I understand it CBT is quite an active type of therapy, ideal for people with a reasonable amount of 'insight' and ability and willingness to work with the therapist to identify the negative thought patterns and indeed actively willing to try coping mechanisms...

I don't think it always helps with 'chemical' depression entirely, but does seem to be useful in identifying stuff and perhaps improving self knowledge so that if/whenever your brain chemistry goes whacky that you can catch it before you sink too low as it were...

Congrats on mostly accurate wossnames. My medical notes are for the large part farcical. I have a cochlea implant from GOSH in 2002 apparently... Fuck knows what else, but I can't be arsed DPAing the entirety to scan for mistakes as it'd probably be too expensive.

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