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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The last few days
delirium happy
Still too tired/lazy for a proper update, so let's try this format instead:

Sleep patterns: SNAFU. Got a bit under 6 hours on Monday night, falling asleep at about 03:00. This was less than ideal, but was just about enough to allow me to get through Tuesday without doing a permanent zombie impression.

Trains: Still evil. Felt horrifically travel sick on the one on the way down to London, and moderately travel sick on the one back up. Am also feeling a little stiff and achy from sitting in their wonderfully comfortable seats for 3 hours at a time.

London: Still something of a hole. I'm sure it's very nice really, if you like that sort of thing, but I'm not really a fan of crowds. Plus, breathing London air for two days managed to turn my snot black.

CBT: Got a letter through the post about this on Tuesday morning, which I read on the train. The waiting time is 12 weeks. On the one hand, this isn't too bad. On the other hand, it isn't too good either. I need to ring them up to say"yes, I do still want this, and haven't been put off by the waiting times", which I will do tomorrow or Monday or something. In the meantime, I think I may go see my GP and ask for an antidepressant as well.

Dr Curtis: Seemed competent. Listened to what I said. Answered questions sensibly. Said "that's cool" with alarming regularity. Had normal eyebrows. Had a practice I couldn't find without ringing up to ask for help (I was on the right street, and near it; it was just very non-obvious, and I'd not thought to write down the street number). Gave me Zumenon (oestradiol hemihydrate), 4mg a day. He dispensed it directly rather than giving me a script and making me go to a pharmacy, which my lazy side approved of. Made noises about getting Yet More blood tests in a month or so to measure my hormone levels in a month or two, coming back to see him again in about 3 months time, then either upping the dose to 6mg per day, adding an anti-androgen, or both depending on the test results. Also gave me a name of and suggested I see a gender-savvy councillor therapist type person in Manchester. Was generally impressed by him.

Oestrogen: Is good. I'm carefully trying to observe any effects it's had, and have yet to notice anything which I'm certain is not placebo, but my state of mind seems a whole lot better to be actually making progress again. I'm feeling generally very mellow.

oscarhocklee and ruthi: Stayed with them on Tuesday night. Was very nice to see them again after several years, even if they weren't feeling particularly well and kept apologising (unnecessarily) for being bad hosts. A place for the night so I didn't have to get the train back on the same day, and good company was very welcome.

Wii: Played on this while at theirs. Was fun. Typically Nintendo, in that it's innovative, and while it's mostly unremarkable, everything seemed to have been done very well. Lots of little things to make it nicer, or things that could easily have been done wrong but weren't. And Wii Sports is fun. Possibly because I was good at it. Must buy one.

My bank balance: £320 lighter than it was three days ago. Ouch. Though my mum is paying most of that for me.

Other stuff I meant to write about: Probably, but I can't think of anything. Make something up for yourself if you want.

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Had normal eyebrows.

Tsk. He needs to work on this. How are we expected to take him seriously without a couple of hairy caterpillars on his head?

Animatronic spring-loaded ones of course.

Make something up for yourself if you want.

Oh. Oh, dear. Temptation overload. *explodes*

Sounds like much success all round. Yay! It always surprises me when doctory things go well.

I was just glancing through your list of tags, and thought, "I didn't know rho was into CBT..." and then realising you meant something else by that abbreviation. ...well, it was funny in the moment!

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