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The Hoohaa Monologues
delirium pissed off
For anyone who has yet to see it, have a link to one of the more unbelievably stupid news stories I can remember seeing in a while:

Theatre sign changed from "Vagina Monologues" to "Hoohaa Monologues" after someone complained.

I won't comment on how much of a complete moron the woman complaining is. We all know that already.

I also won't comment on the extreme irony at someone complaining about how "vagina" is a dirty word, given the subject matter of the play in question. We all know that too.

Nor will I comment on the craziness of the culture where a random complaint from an idiot can have an effect, because the theatre manager is too scared of the crap that could be caused otherwise and need to grow a pair. Again, this is something we all know.

Instead, I have just two thoughts to share:

1. Does anyone think it would have been hilarious if the manager had said "why yes, certainly ma'am, we'll change that immediately" and then gone and changed it to say "The Cunt Monologues"?

2. Does "giving all your progeny such hangups over their genitals that they will never have sex or reproduce" allow someone to qualify for a Darwin Award?

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I wonder how related to Puppetry of the Penis this might be. I haven't seen/read/heard of The Vagina Monologues before, and I missed this show when it was in town.

But it was all over TV and billboards. PENIS everywhere. No one complained that I recall.

Without even bothering to RTFA I can, using nothing more than my amazing powers of deduction, tell that this happened in the United States of America. Which leads to the question of, had there been a Brit around, would they have changed it to "Fanny Monologues"? And if they had, what percentage of the resultant audience would have been complaining to the media when they didn't find the wholesome family slapstick/toilet humour they expected?

In answer to your questions:
1) Absolutely, though bear in mind this is the view of a person who wasted almost 20 minutes this very evening reviewing Windows Mobile 2005 in terms of ease of entering the word 'cunt' with a stylus.

2) Don't. It'll only encourage them.

It's been changed back, by the way. The women involved in producting/performing the play noted they only had rights to do so if it was produced under the original title.

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