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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
More medical type stuff. For my own records, as much as anything else:

Went to see Dr. Orr (my GP) last week. Discussed three different things:

1. The persistent cough I have, and have had for several years. Based on the assumption that it's caused by acid reflux he's prescribed me omeprazole 20mg daily, which is a proton pump inhibitor. Have been taking that for a week or so now, and do seem to have noticed an improvement, though am still coughing.

2. Anti-depressants. He said he wanted to look into that further, since in the letter that Dr Ashton (local psych) sent him, she mentioned reboxetine, but only in a vague sort of way, so he wanted to contact her and see what she was thinking. Arranged for him to contact me for a phone appointment today. Transpires that after talking to her, and then talking to me today, he feels that the best bet is to start with a more standard sort of first-line antidepressant, and then review in 6 weeks or so. As such, I now have a prescription for fluoxetine (aka, Prozac) 20mg daily, which of course is an SSRI. Took the first of those maybe half an hour or so ago, and obviously have yet to notice any effect.

3. Trans related stuff. Gave him the letter that Dr. Curtis (gender psych) sent me to give to him. He said he'd look into the possibility of prescribing me oestradiol hemihydrate (aka Zumenon) (which is an oestrogen, obviously), on a shared-care basis, so I'm only paying NHS prescription charges for it. He wasn't willing to just prescribe off the bat, because he doesn't know enough about it. He said last week that he'd try to get that researched by the time he spoke t me today, but it turns out he's still researching it. Am not terribly fussed about that, since it's cheap to get privately (£10 for 6 weeks worth, iirc) and I don't have a shortage. That he's at least willing to look into these things is a good sign though, for if/when I come to want anything dearer.

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Prozac ain't too bad, fairly low down on the fucking-awful-withdrawal symptoms and not all that common to get weird side effects. Completly robs many people of their sex drive/ability to orgasm though, not that I'd know *whistles innocently*

sorry, tmi :-)

Nice to hear things are moving along for you.

I don't mean to intrude, but what kind of cough have you been having? I cough after I eat and I've begun to suspect that I have an acid reflux problem even though I don't get heartburn.

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