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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Windows Vista
drowning man
My dad got himself a new computer recently. Since he's a card-carrying neo-luddite, it naturally fell to me to set it up for him, which I did on Wednesday. It came with everything pre-installed, so it was just a case of taking out of boxes, attaching cables to the right places, and what have you.

It was, however, my first opportunity to have a brief play with Vista. It has a very different feel to it to other versions of windows, and I mostly hadn't a clue what was going on from the brief time I spent on it. I suspect this was just unfamiliarity, though, and won't judge it harshly on that. However, here is a statistic that seems telling:

I played around with it for well under an hour. During that time I still managed to get my first ever Vista BSoD. I feel so proud.

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During that time I still managed to get my first ever Vista BSoD

You rule!

Now, SRSLY, did it take much effort to get it?

I downloaded one of the Vista betas, but didn't have the nerve (or, more than likely, the hardware) to try running it. A BSoD in under an hour suggests that it's got all the reliable stability that we've come to expect from Microsoft.

Was it pretty?

Ugh. My friend/future-roommate Olivia just got a Vista laptop. She hates it already. I've played around with the Vista alpha and betas that were released through MSDNAA, and they were thoroughly nightmarish. I, however, didn't manage to BSoD them...probably because I was so disgusted, I quit before half an hour had elapsed. Rock on!

...and this is reason n+1 I want a MacBook.

That is quite impressive. I don't seem to break software. My computer's been running for 22 days and it's just fine and dandy. Hardware I have a horrible effect on, but I don't even remember the last time I got a BSoD with XP.

I'm currently trying to decide whether or not to get Vista. Since I just bought a new computer, I get a discount on it until, I think, the end of the month. I'd want the Home Premium version rather than the Basic one, because it has the Pretty™, so I'd be paying ~£40 (I could get the Basic for about £20). I doubt I'd install it any time soon, instead waiting until the first service pack is released in however many months. But it might be nice to have, especially so cheap, since they're making it more of a pain in the ass to pirate their operating systems and I might not get another chance for it. Hmm. I probably will get it and just have it lying around somewhere until such a time as people determine it doesn't suck as much as XP.

Vista seems to trigger previously hidden driver bugs by calling them differently from XP. There's a real shortage of stable drivers for it. I think the OS itself is pretty stable but I could be wrong. Not that that's any good if the drivers for your hardware aren't.

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