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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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dentist, wii
delirium happy
This Friday just gone was, of course, Friday the thirteenth. And what better way to spend such an auspicious date of the year than with a visit to the dentist to have a wisdom tooth removed? In the summer of 2005 I had a filling come out, in my upper left wisdom tooth. "Oh bugger", I thought, "I really must get that sorted". But it was a bad time. It's always a bad time, of course.

Do you know what happens to a tooth when a filling comes out and it gets left that way? Especially on someone who has naturally weak teeth, less than optimal dental hygiene and a diet with far too much refined sugar. I'm sure you'll not be surprised to learn that it isn't particularly pretty. The hole that had once housed the filling expanded until eventually the entire front half of the tooth, right down to the gum, was no more. Enough of the tooth had rotted away that bits of gum were trying to grow back over the hole.

Still, I never got around to getting it fixed, for two main reasons. Firstly it's a wisdom tooth. It's so far back in my mouth as to be practically useless anyway, so the prospect of losing it was hardly likely to cause dismay. Secondly, the nerve for the tooth must have been quite quite dead, so it wasn't giving me any pain. I mean, sure, I knew I had to get it sorted at some point, but it was never urgent.

The only reason I actually got around to dealing with it now is that my dentist is retiring at the end of April. Which may not sound so bad, except for the fact that I've had the same dentist all my life. And that she also happens to be my godmother. And my mum's best friend. And I grew up calling her "aunty". And so on. This is someone I trust to stick scary pointy things in my mouth. So naturally, I want to get everything dealt with before she retires.

As well as having that tooth removed, I also had a filling in the bottom left wisdom tooth, which I also knew I needed. I also need to go back in a fortnight (on the 27th) for three other fillings, but they're just tiny little things.

I actually found the experience of having the tooth out quite intellectually interesting. I have had teeth out before (both my right wisdom teeth) but that was with a weird cutty thing (sort of like a mini circular saw), and done by someone at a hospital who wasn't my normal dentist, so I wasn't relaxed enough to appreciate the experience). For starters, I noticed that I didn't actually feel a thing the whole time (after the initial injection of anaesthetic, that is). Normally when I've had dental work done in the past, I've still been able to feel the drilling and stuff, to some extent. It's not excruciating or anything, but it often hurts. With these though, there was absolutely nothing. I'm presuming that it was because the wisdom teeth are served by a different nerve or something, so are easier to numb up, which I think was cool.

Secondly, there was the sound that the tooth made as it was coming out. I mean sure, intellectually I know that the ear is evolved from bits of jaw, that the malleus, incus and stapes are modified bits of jaw bone, and that in our dim and distant evolutionary past a lot of hearing was based on transmission of sound through bones. I know this. But it's still cool to hear something which is so totally internal. There's no way that sound could have been transmitted through the air and heard the normal way. It was sort of crunchy, sounding as if something was being crushed; I guess that was the roots being pulled from the socket or something. Possibly I'm just morbid, but I found it neat.

I was also quite surprised to see just how big the tooth was; it was very reminiscent of an iceberg, with most of it being hidden beneath the surface. To be fair, though, the dentist and dental nurse both commented that it was unusually large, especially for a wisdom tooth. Maybe I'm just an anatomical freak.

But anyway, after that it was back to my parents' house for the night, so they could give me sympathy and feed me soft and liquid foods. Turns out I didn't need so much of the former, since I felt fine, but did need the latter. And I absolutely love my mum's home-made chicken and lentil soup, with bread and cheese, so that worked out well.

I also got my belated birthday present from my parents, which was a Wii (cue many bad and puerile puns). Yay. So I now have a sore arm from playing too much wii-sports (tennis mostly, where I am almost up to pro rank, plus some baseball and a bit of bowling). Tomorrow I shall be (sleep patterns permitting) going into town to try to hunt down a copy of Zelda (which I have steadfastly resisted buying on the Gamecube, in anticipation of getting a Wii) and a little dongle to let me hook up the Wii to the Internet (since I don't have a wireless network here). Then I'll be able to spend lots of cash enjoying retro gaming at its finest.

Next Friday, I am going up to Aberdeen to visit amanda. This is very very exciting.

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The wii puns will never get old. :D

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