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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Songs of praise, subtitled
delirium happy

Songs of praise has never been this entertaining before.

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Please tell me this isn't an actual TV show on a non-religious channel.
I mean, I know about EWTN (& have the pen! thanks, Nana!) but really, the TV is programmed to ignore that channel.

It's an actual TV show on a non-religious channel. It's not so bad though, because it's the BBC, and they have to make all sorts of wacky minority interests stuff (what with the way the license fee works over here and everything) so we put up with random crap like Songs of Praise because it gets us all the good minority interest stuff that the BBC makes that they wouldn't make if they were just doing lowest common denominator bottom line type stuff.

The real version doesn't have humorous subtitles though, unfortunately.

Okay, I take it back. That's not quite so bad. Less of a waste of existence than EWTN, anyhow.
It totally sounds like something my grandparents would like. Except they're all Catholic.

Humorous subtitles or humorous audience participation make such things far more bearable.

That's the most wondrously surreal thing I'd seen for ages!

If they actually did that, I would watch Songs of Praise every Sunday!

I was going to say that the dead sheep bit was rather disturbing, but then all my memories of a Catholic childhood came flooding back, and I recalled that the biblical landscape was apparently just littered with lamb corpses. You'd be lucky to walk ten feet without tripping over one. I'm not quite sure those weren't the real lyrics, in fact.

Hmmmm, that's just poor diction for ya...

*giggles manically*
Thats wicked. Birghtened my day up no end :o)

And to think I'd been avoiding the program all these years ;)

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