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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy

I am having an argument about the colour of my shoes. One party says they are brown, the other party claims they are purple. Please help settle this argument, oh LJ Oracle.

Poll #976788 Shoes

What colour are they

Other (comment)

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They looked brown at first glance (actually, my first thought was that you can't expect accurate color without specialized equipment), but then I saw "purple" and they turned purple. Maybe they're just barely purple.

I can't see purple here even if I try to see purple. O_O

They're that annoying brown with a confusing purple tinge. Drives me crazy.

they look purple. for confirmation, I looked at the thread. :p *that* is definitely purple.

(also, you know what might be throwing it off? the color of your background. :P)

They appear to have once been purple, and the thread is still purple, and patches of the boot are purple, but most of it has been turned into brown by wear.

Also, the 'other' option should be called SNOWFLAKE.

Really, they're kind of a purpley brown, but I would be more likely to pair them with purple, in an outfit, than brown.

i'd vote for "weathered." which i hate as a word anyway, but it fits here. maybe the cow who provided the leather was very gay. ;)

Taupe, or mauve. Definitely brownish/purple, but the threading is purple, so, how much brown is supposed to be there is hard to gauge. Are they new or old?

Very cool shoes, by the way.

Looks like medium-light poo-colour from here. Though I plead defective retinas and a microscopic 16-bit display ("Damn and blast british telecom", said barakta, at least in the edited-for-broadcast-before-the-watersed version, anyway), so don't read too much into that.

The correct answer is of course "shoe-coloured".

Um. I know I've seen these shoes before, and I certainly *remember* them as being purple. But now that you've gone and used both the word 'purple' and the word 'brown', I can't see them as anything other than brownish purple. Or possible purplish brown.

There is a decidedly purplish hue, though!

They are the appropriate liturgical colour for the 9th of July: Christing Puce.

They do seem to need a bit of purple re-applied. However, they are still purple shoes, as that is what they are. The purpliness of their nature is not diminished by the colour fading.

Purple, the laces gave them away. Although if they're masquerading as brown then I'll let them be brown too, if they want.

-- I read through your profile page on the methods of introduction (I see "yoink" was in there, but I thought it best not to declare yoink on you and add your biological and technological distictiveness to our own and just introduce myself instead). Hi, I'm Sarah, I like Guild Wars a little too much and could be called a geek, but I'm in envy of your abillity to hold your own on so many topics of conversation. I found you through the "click here to see a random journal" button. I shall, however, cease wittering. Purpley. Sort of. Use photoshop, that'll tell you how close to purple it is ;)

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