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Interests meme
There's a meme doing the rounds on my friends list at the moment whereby people are asked to explain three of their LiveJournal interests. I figure that since I only have three interests listed, I may as well do this and explain all my interests.

that which is: This is everything that can in any way be said to exist. It is the phrase I use in philosophical or religious discussions to refer to things fundamental, in a non-specific way. It is the universe. It is God. It is the Tao. It is the laws of physics. It is nature. It is the Force. It is all that is holy, all that is profound, and all that is true.

It is also inclusive of everything nifty that exists. It is my dad. It is salt and vinegar crisps. It is Estonia. It is agriculture. It is They Might Be Giants. It is the Crab Nebula. It is the Louvre, it is the laser, it is chicken.

Existence? Reality? It's pretty damn cool, really.

that which is not: and this one is everything else. This is all those things that don't exist but are still really cool. This (probably) comprises even more than the last one. This is dreams and aspirations. This is imagination and ideas. This is hopes for the future, and things from the past that never were. In the realms of that which is not, there are absolutely no limits.

understanding the difference: The hard bit. The union of that which is and that which is not covers the most things you care to think of, but being able to tell one from the other isn't always easy. This is about seeing the universe as it really is. It's about not deluding yourself and believing something that you want to be true, but for accepting the truth of things. It's about the search for knowledge, be it scientific, philosophical, or any other sort. It's about critical thinking and rejection of urban legends and pseudo-science. It's about having the courage to change what can be changed, the serenity to accept the things that can't be, and the wisdom to tell the difference.

And yes, I am aware that having these interests makes me massively pompous and pretentious.

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Do you really think that dreams, aspirations and hopes exist less than salt and vinegar crisps? They're all just patterns.

Hi Rho!

(<--- better known to you as Red Tide)

I was gonna go into some whack-job analysis over the subjectivity of "that which is", but the closer I looked at your post the more I realized that by stating "in a non specific way" you killed my argument. Congrats on preventing my own pompous and pretentious discharge.

And incidentally, you have three more interests than me, mostly because I suck almost as much at life as I do at LiveJournal.

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