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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Harry Potter
delirium happy
Poll #1024725 Harry Potter

Amidst all the current Harry Potter related uproar, which are the most annoying?

The people posting spoilers
The people whining about people posting spoilers
The people bitching about the people who are whining about people posting spoilers
The people complaining about the people who are bitching at the people who are whining about people posting spoilers
The people who are sitting back, observing the phenomenon, laughing, and posting excessively meta polls about it

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I would say "the people who read Harry Potter", but there's no option for that.

I find it very hard to choose. All are such attractive options!

*continues to sit back and be slightly bemused by the whole affair*

Ticky box!

Can I click them all?

Where's my "All the above" button, damnit.

Ow. Head hurts. All rho's fault. *cries*

(Deleted comment)
to cope with traumatised kids

Any child so weak of character as to need trauma counseling for a fucking book should be encouraged to Darwin themselves out of existence as soon as possible.

Yes, dear.
Because the characters in an imaginary work evoking emotion is not the whole FUCKING POINT.

Simple entertainment plays no part in your reading? A shame, that.

You are right.
I often read for simple entertainment.
I get more emotionally involved with some characters in some stories. I get less emotionally involved with what happens to other characters in other stories.

I find that when I don't care what happens to the characters in a story, I tend to put the book down, and forget to pick it up again. However, you are still right: finding a story amusing and entertaining doesn't mean I would have an emotional crisis if the characters in it died.

But some stories and some characters cause more emotional investment.
And some readers have less of a support network than others.
For people who don't have a sympathetic support network, I'm glad there'll be an option of support available elsewhere.
It's not like people with lots of Harry-Potter fans on their friends-list don't expect to have people to share their feelings over the latest book with.

I'm more annoyed at the HP fans who are really really really angry at LJ because US law about obscenity and child porn is not as clear as one might hope. Guys, it's not LJ's fault that your explicit fantasies about Harry and Draco are of dubious legality.

(Deleted comment)
I'd have to say that you have seen #4. ;)

Option 6: The people who take all of this so damn seriously.

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