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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Dear subconscious,

Quit it. Over the past two days, you have given me dreams of:

Abdominal surgery without anaesthetic, and without actually being told what the surgery was for.
Receiving prank phone calls.
My parents finding my used condom by virtue of the dog trying to eat it.
My computer being left outside surrounded by a swarm of bees.

I do not appreciate this. Really.

If you can go back to the dream from the other day of the new reality TV show Celebrity Dancing Big Brother with Puppets in Space then that would be just peachy keen.

Love and bunnies,

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I find the swarm of bees the most bogglesome one. Congratulations - you have dreams that may be odder than mine. :D

I thought nothing of that one - the internet is full of bees at the moment.

The dog/condom one seems quite plausible, if stolen from the script of American Pie 7.

Prank phone calls are a fact of life (at least now that I have redefined all BT marketing calls as pranks, since they have repeatedly demonstrated that they are incapable of providing their products).

It's still better than programming dreams, though. This week I have been mostly dreaming in PIC assembler.

Last night I had one where I was chased by two separate types of witch: One from the Hansel and Gretel school of witch, who was chasing me and my companion because she wanted us as tasty foodstuffs, and one from the Wizard of Oz school, who pursued me down an alley on a broomstick. Luckily, I was holding a magic monster-fending-off puppy by the time that second one happened. There was also a Frankenstein's monster and a creepy guy who propelled himself about by doing multiple backflips, and his hair was standing straight up and was made of fire. Because I accidentally got lost in the Monster Distrect of Tacoma, WA.*

P.S. Clearly, bees should leave your computer alone. Bad bees! Boo.

*Avoid Tacoma if you ever visit the States, rho.

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