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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Famous on the Internets
drowning man
Today was my day for being famous on the internets. In a way that involves absolutely zero actual fame, obviously.

Firstly, there was this comment that I made to the recent news post which hasn't generate any fame, as such, but has spammed my inbox and boosted my ego with many positive replies.

Secondly, my Guild Wars character got to be in a movie! Sort of. It's a machinima thingy, a parody of The Office made about our alliance, and is on youtube (can't be bothered embedding it because I'm lazy, and because video embeddings don't work for me anyway). I'm somewhat meh about the part that "I" get in it, but in general, I found it lolsome. Yay.

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Well, gracious! Congratulations on repeatedly winning the internets! However will you display them? I have a plate hanger you can borrow* if you think they'll fit on it.

*Note: I do not actually own a plate hanger. Should that ever change, I am hoping for a mercy killing.

Hooray! Are you the Liverpudlian character?

That would be me :D rho is the blonde one in the red attire talking about if Gaile Gray was in our alliance :)

Wow, that is spectacular, what will you be doing with the internet now you ownz it?

Lol, your comment in the news post was absolutely wonderful. They should make Pepsi trophies for you. ♥

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