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Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Overheard in the supermarket
delirium happy
Guy [shouting]: You need some whipped cream! You need some whipped cream!

pause, as someone with a concept of "indoors voice" apparently replies

Guy: Oh bollocks. Bollocks!

At this point, he proceeds to start running to the other side of the supermarket
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That sounds liek something I'd do. Without the bollocks and with nochalant strolling rather than running. :o)

Makes perfect sense. The two of them were attempting to break the Guinness world record for Baking A Cake In The Fastest Time (Including Buying All The Ingredients), and what the quiet person said was "Oh, did I not mention? I've decided to become a vegan".

Interestingly, I had a guy in front of me in a supermarket queue yesterday receive a brief, urgent-sounding phone call, then run off muttering loudly in his native language, and returned with two large pots of Elmlea(sp? - that stuff that tastes almost, but not quite entirely, unlike cream).

Must be the weather for it.

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