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delirium happy
Well blow me down with a feather.

I've only gone and been metaquoted. First time that's happened to me (that I can recall).

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how difficult it is to predict what, out of the many things I say, people will react most positively to, and which will merely produce a "meh" of disinterest. I really need to start writing more just to up the odds a bit by shear volume alone.

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Yes! Write more!
And I still maintain you should trek down here sometime :)

*cooperatively blows rho down with a feather*

*takes advantage of rho's reduced field of vision (due to proneness, naturally) to pretend not to be giggling about the various possibilities for punning around the phrase "shear volume".

I tend to MQ stuff fairly regularly, especially if it gets a laugh. Most important trigger is if I think it'll get a good conversation going or I might learn stuff--in this case both is true, for some reason the MQ brain trust is fairly high quality.

BTQ, typo in the subject line ;-)

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