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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Royal Mail have made my list
delirium pissed off
Dear Royal Mail,

Shoving a "sorry, you weren't in and this package was too big for your letterbox" card through my letterbox even though I've been in and awake all morning, purely because you were too lazy to ring my bell to check if I was in is not cool. In fact it's distinctly sloppy and unprofessional. Furthermore, if you're going to put on the card that I should leave 3 hours before going to the depot to pick it up, it would actually have helped if you'd actually written the time when you'd "attempted" to deliver the package in the first place, rather than leaving me to guess. Naturally, I guessed wrong and got told at the depot that the package wasn't back there yet and I'd have to try again later (this in spite of the fact that it had been over 3 hours since the time when my mail is typically delivered).

No love,
Frustrated in Lancaster.

(On the plus side, I did notice Making Money in the window of Waterstones as I was on my way there, so at least I have something to read while I wait.)

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Funny, I just sent a similar letter. I've had 3 packages in a week which got me a piece of card rather than the package. I've still not heard anything yet. Plus my Step-Mother got the same treatment on Saturday morning when she was sat infront of the window and watched him do it. Verbally abused him there and then.

I'm not impressed with them, but no one's as bad as ShittyCityLink. They fail every, effing, time. It's not only broken, but broken and late. Bonus points.

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