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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'm thinking about getting my hair cut.

At the moment, my hair is long. It's around 60cm (2 foot), which reaches down to around about my lower back. I'm thinking of having it cut a lot shorter. Not decided entirely yet, but I have vaguely in mind at the moment something of around about chin length, framing my face.

Reasons to get it cut
  • If it's shorter it will be a whole lot easier to look after and keep tidy.
  • It's something of a mess at the moment. At the very least it needs severely tidying up. But even then at that length it doesn't really have much of a style other than "long" (and while there are things you can do with long hair, I don't due to lack of time/knowledge/motivation). I'm thinking I might go for something cute, feminine and vaguely spunky.
  • I quite often think about dying my hair, but never do, partly because dying this length of hair would be a royal pain. That would be much easier if I had it cut.
  • Change is good. It stops stagnation.
  • It's hair. If I don't like it short, it will grow back.

Reasons not to have it cut

  • I'm a fan of long hair. I like the way it looks (in general, rather than mine in particular), and I like the way it feels on my back. I know a few other people who have commented that they like my long hair too</i>
  • It's coming up to winter. Long hair is warm.
  • If I'm not sure what I want, then I should stick with the long, since that's a reversible decision. I could take it from long to short at any point, but growing it out to this length has taken over 4 years.
  • I could just have it professionally trimmed, tidied and styled while keeping it long, instead of doing something drastic.

And then, of course, there's the other big problem, which is that I have a horrible and irrational fear of hairdressers and getting my hair cut. When I think about this, I generally tend to count this as a heavily weighted argument in favour of staying with long hair, but I don't think that's necessarily a good idea. This is the path of least resistance; the default choice which isn't a choice at all. Instead, I think I'm going to attempt to figure out what it is that I want, and only the start thinking about how to get it.

Thoughts and advice would be very helpful here, since I'm feeling very undecided and uncertain. What do you people think?

(And while there is something somewhat appealing about shaving the right half of my head while leaving the left half long and dying it red to match this userpic, I think I'll pass on that one for now.)

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Rather than cutting it all short, consider getting a tidy 'style' around your fringe. Layering is fashionable again, and it adds some softness around the cheekbones and definition to the eyes. It also means you can keep the majority of your hair nice and long. :D

I am going to be completely and entirely unhelpful by saying that I think it looks fantastic long, at least based on the last available pictures of you *coughneedmorevisualdatacough*, but you could quite possibly end up with something delightfully cute if you cut it. In short: I vote for ambivalence!

Another possibility would be to go in for a trim, and make them do the work of dying all of it for you while you're there. So many colors that rho could be! Wheeeee!

I say cut it :) It will be scary, but there's nothing as relieving as doing something drastic that doesn't actually affect your health or future in a way other than just... 'cosmetic.' Chopping your hair is actually a pretty powerful feeling if you do it in the right mindset. I always feel much, much, much more confident with short hair. I used to trim my hair too when it was long, but I felt like a wuss in the end.

To each their own, but that's my opinion. Either way, make a decision and stick to it! <3

PS, LJ needs an edit key for comments. Bleh.

You might find that a hairdresser (or a good one at least) will be very unwilling to take that much length off in one go. They will (if they're any good) suggest taking away the length in stages. Such as taking it up to just below your shoulder blades, then once you're used to that, taking it up to shoulder length etc. They will, at the very least, ensure that you are absolutely adamant that you want that much taken off - and they'll do this by suggesting other things to see how open you are to suggestions to determine how adamnt you are that you want that much length taken off.

What you could do is ask the hairdresser if you can come in just for a consultancy to see what they'd suggest - they shouldn't charge you for this, if they're a decent salon. They'll pull out magazines, suggest styles, ask you to look at pics and tell them what you like etc etc. They'll also take into consideration your hair type, shape of face and such.

You can take some of the length away without going that short, and still style it in a way that it frames your face. Maybe taking away just half the length, but having it layered up at the front and maybe having a longish sidesweeping fringe (or an inverted fringe, as they'll call it).

I forgot you use the word 'fringe' there. I remember going to a salon in London and asking them to cut my bangs and it took awhile to gesticulate what I meant. Ugh, nightmare! hehe

Ha! And I always wondered what they meant by 'bangs' over there! *giggle*

and after seeing Bear's reply, I realize that america is mostly all alone in many oddities. o.o

Yes! Doesn't mean we love you guys any less though. ;)

I have a strong preference for long hair, in general and on myself.

That said: as you note, you could change the hair whilekeeping it long, with professional styling et cetera.

And I haven't dyed mine since I started growing it out again (I'd cut it in the misguided belief that doing so would help me find a job), partly because the dyes I was playing with aren't good for texture, and that's an issue if you're not cutting it off every eight weeks. But that was bright purple; there are dyes that aim for more natural-looking colors that don't have that effect.

Crazy thought: What about having it trimmed (just to take off the scraggly bits) and then professionally braided into cornrows? I think it'd look cute on you, it's easy as *hell* to take care of, you can leave the braids in for a really long time, and that way you can dress it up with beads and stuff. All the benefits of long hair, without the hassle.

I miss having my hair long enough to braid like that -- I even once did it so that each braid was a different shade of the rainbow -- but the weight was giving me headaches, alas.

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