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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Meet rho live in person! One time only!
delirium happy
I've just booked my next appointment to see my psychiatrist in London, which will be on the 15th of November. Anyone in/near London feel like meeting up/having a visitor while I'm down there?

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I will likely be in London on the 15th - it's an electro day and, coincidentally, my two year tranniversary! Wanna meet for drinkies?

Would love to! What times are you going to be around? My appointment with Dr. Curtis is at 16:00, with my laser test-patch half an hour earlier if I decide to go with that. Ideal time for me would be in the afternoon before my appointment, but obviously that depends on when you have your electro scheduled.

My electro is at 2. I have to get there an hour early to do EMLA, so I'll likely catch the 11:15 train into London and go straight there. Realistically I'd only be able to meet you after your appointment. Does that work?

That works fine for me, yes. Where/when would you like to meet?

OK, having thought about this, I need some time after my appointment because I promised to fix my electro's wifi, so how does, say, 5 sound?

Where - there's a very nice gay cafe near Tottenham Court Road tube - somewhere near there work?

That sounds good to me. Will probably take me about half an hour to get there from Dr Curtis's if my very dimly remembered London geography is right. Want to meet up outside the tube station, and then go from there?

Also, my mobile phone number is at http://rho.livejournal.com/235681.html for in case we manage to miss each other horribly. If you could text/email me your number, then that would probably be handy too.

Come over, visit, meet! Stay over.

*wave* would be good to see you - not met you since Nattie's wedding (I think).

I'll be down for the Student Radio Awards, occurring the evening of the 15th! Serendipity.

*grumble* I object. This tour needs more stops.

(Deleted comment)
And I'm pretty sure Tassie is somewhere in between, depending which way around you go.. :D

hell, swing by San Francisco. we have good parties.

I, as usual, don't know whether I'll be here or in Yorkshire, but if I'm down, 'twould be good to finally meet.

Let me know closer to the time when you actually have an idea where you'll be. I'll likely be fully booked (I'm in demand, apparently) but if you let me know the I'll see if I can figure something out.

I want to see you! That's actually in my home study week as well, though I do have something course related vaguely marked in for sometime that week, which I suppose might be unlucky enough to happen on Thursday. But for now I believe myself to be free! I'm not going to have an actual spare room by then, but have Oyster, will travel.

What I'm thinking at the moment is that I might meet up with auntysarah on Thursday daytime, then go visit ruthi and oscarhocklee and spend the night at theirs, the maybe meet up with you at some point on the Friday? I don't know. Planning makes my brain hurt. Hopefully we can figure something out, though.

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