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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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In case anyone was still unsure I was a dork
Random dorky fact about rho:

My favourite time is twenty-five to one.

See, I have this Thing about clocks (always digital clocks; analogue clocks tick which drives me batty). Whatever the time (for instance, 15:23 as I type this), I always try to form the numbers into some sort of pattern, or to add arithmetical operators to form a correct equation (1 * 5 = 2 + 3, for instance). I don't know why I do this. I don't even do it consciously. It's just one of those things: I see numbers, I play with them in my head.

Twenty-five to one is by far and away the best time, though, because for three glorious minutes, the time forms elegant patterns.

First, it's 12:34 — the first four positive integers.
Then it's 12:35 — the first four non-repeating digits of the Fibonacci series.
Finally, it's 12:36 — the first perfect number, together with its factors.

Every time I see a clock displaying one of these times, I squee internally. Yes, I am aware that this makes me a huge, huge dork.

And there's worse to follow. As I was lying in bed last night, failing to fall asleep, I decided that I would write an LJ entry detailing this horrendous dorkiness. I then, eventually, fell asleep, at which point I had a dream about exactly this. In my dream I discovered that I had been misunderstanding the Fibonacci sequence, and that 1, 2, 3, 5 did not appear anywhere in it, thus ruining the whole thing. I was quite upset by this, and was most relieved when I discovered it was just a dream.

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I thought it was just me that was rather dorky about these numbers on clocks.

I also rather like to see 10:24 and 03:14 (2^10 and Pi (not that I have to explain it to you, I'm sure.))



But that's why we love you. :)

Doesn't everyone do this?

As I've probably mentioned before, I went so far as programming the standby clock/temperature display on the Scrolly LED Sign(TM)[1] in our bedroom[2] to go from dim red to pretty colours when the numbers make a nice pattern.

Although I haven't actually had a dream about the Fibonacci sequence going wrong, I do have a lot of dreams with LED matrix displays in them. I assume this is because of my (apprantly disturbing) habit of sleeping with my eyes open.

[1] Similar to this, barakta rescued it from her dad's room-o-junk.
[2] Every bedroom should have one. They're amazingly useful.

I don't think other people do it.
I've asked a few and they look at me like I'm mad.
I'd be very interested to know if it's common or not.

I've always done this, for as long as I can remember.

15:23.. would be 1*5 = 5 and 2+3 = 5 or.. 2*3==1+5

I have NO idea if other people do it, it's just one of those automatic things that happens that I have no control over..

highly associative brain thing probably.

Sometimes it bothers me, but not often.

At primary school I was always the kid that got 10/10 in multiplication and spelling tests. I ONCE got a spelling wrong in a test, I transposed b and d.

Whilst we're on odd brain things.
When I write, I often write out of sequence.
For example, if I had to write 1989 - I would start by writing 9, then 1 then 89.
I also have a bad habit of missing out letters that are left hand keys on the keyboard.

Yes I am overclocked...

You'd like our scrolly sign which has temperatures and times. If the temp and time match in some way (palindromic numbers, funky pairs etc then the colour of the numbers changes from red to rainbow coloured - a present from kimble to me when we used to geek about 'cool numbers' in bed.

I play with numbers and I do it with words to some extent too.

Where did you get the scrolly sign? That sounds totally awesome.

I am such a geek whore. I found this train of thought insanely sexy.

I feel that I should be able to use this fact to my advantage to create the world's worst ever chat-up line, but alas, I can't think of one.

I do things like that with the (randomly provided) combinations on the locks I get to use at the gym. I bought a new one this week (I think the older one is around somewhere, but it wasn't at the gym with me), opened it, and immediately thought "that'll be easy to remember." Followed by realizing that I usually come up with quick mnemonics, so maybe it's me.

But the combination on this one is 3-13-39. How easy can you get? The previous is mentally tagged as "half perfect" because it's 6-28-14.

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