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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I am in a distinctly odd sort of mood today, and I'm not really sure why. Nor am I sure I can properly describe it. I guess that "detached" might be the right word. Maybe "displaced". Very slightly out of phase with reality (and not in the crappy science fiction way where they pass seamlessly through all solid matter except for the floor).

I've tried eating various different food groups. I've made sure I'm well hydrated. I've walked around a bit, and I've even gone and done something that doesn't involve a computer for a while. No help.

I think possibly I'm feeling hyper but with nothing to direct my energies at, so they're just sort of bubbling up inside my head making pretty swirly patterns on my brain. I feel vaguely better now that I've started typing this and have a feeling of actually doing something, though possibly that will go away once I've finished writing this.

I need something to dooooooo.

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You know, I was actually being serious when I suggested the juggling. :D

The problem with juggling is that it requires some sort of coordination. I sense this being a problem.

Oddly enough, I'm usually pants at catching, can't aim a throw for toffee, yet I seem to be able to pick up juggling. Also, it transpires that some people are recommended learning to juggle as physical therapy in order to help with coordination.

Juggling aside, teaching yourself some other pointless skill might help. Origami, knitting, coin manipulation, that kind of thing.

I have actually contemplated taking up knitting in the past, on several occasions. The problem with that is that I'm reliably informed that the best way for a beginner to learn is to have someone demonstrate it in person, which is problematic, given that I know about 6 people within a 50 mile radius of here and none of them knit.

No harm in trying it out for yourself. To be honest, you can teach yourself from diagrams - that's how I learned to cast off (finish knitting and take it off the needles), no one taught me how ti do it. These days there'll be videos on the subject, too.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be able to get some basic scarf-knitting going given some decent pictures showing how to cast on and so on. I unforgot how to knit after maybe 15 years with the help of Googlepedia.

After about a scarf's worth you'll probably work out how to keep the tension sane and not drop/gain too many stitches, at which point you can start again and make something vaguely non-frustrating.

Actual 1337 knitting 5k|11z are harder, but you can happily churn out Dr Who scarfs in the mean time.

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