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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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See you in silicon hell
delirium happy
I think my DVD player is on its last legs. This isn't entirely a bad thing, since it's a piece of shit anyway, and having motivation to get a new one is nice, but it's still annoying. When it gets turned on, it goes through a self-check phase; I presume that this is actually testing the hard drive that's part of the same unit which is meant to be used for recording things from the TV but which I never use.

Regardless, it seems that it has recently been failing this self-check. It goes through the self-check, turns itself off briefly before turning back on and restarting the cycle. The amount of time it's been taking to finally turn itself on has been increasing quite rapidly, and it's now got to silly proportions. I had it on for over 12 hours failing to actually start up earlier.

I did finally manage to coax some life into it by power-cycling at the mains, but the signs are definitely looking bleak. I was worried it was going to die completely and that I'd then be left with the task of figuring out how to remove the DVD that was in it at the time. This would have been very annoying, since I'm re-watching my Stargate SG1 DVDs at the moment, and was up to the one where Daniel blows up Moscow. I think I may transfer my DVD watching over to my computer until I get a proper new DVD player.