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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Taste combinations
delirium happy
My eating habits are a little bit odd. I have a tendency to find something that I like, eat it a whole lot for a few weeks, get bored of it, and then move onto something else. My current favoured taste combination is roquefort cheese with horseradish sauce. Does anyone who isn't me think that sounds even vaguely appetising, or am I just incurably odd?

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I've had crumbly English cheese (might have been Lancashire) with bits of horseradish in - it came from a Proper Cheese Festival and everything - and that was lovely, and I see no reason why substituting something soft, French and blue (and saucy) would be any less palatable. Although my favoured blue cheese taste sensation, as invented a couple of weeks ago, is a bacon sandwich with rocket and slightly too much St Agur (as near to Rocquefort as makes no difference) melted on top. Mmm.

Anyway, it can't be as weird as the tub of Mature Cheddar And Onion flavour cottage cheese I saw in Sainsbury's the other day. Cheese... flavoured... cheese. Flavoured to taste like... a different kind of cheese. *shakes head*

While I won't deny that that is a very fine sandwich, I have to object to your assertion that Roquefort and Saint Agur are similar. Saint Agur is far far creamier, which apart from the taste difference also tends to make it smooth and squishy, rather than the somewhat more crumbly Roquefort, and also makes it work better as a melting cheese. Then there's the fact that Roquefort is made from ewe's milk, and Saint Agur from cow's milk, leading to very different tastes.

Why yes, I am a cheese snob.

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