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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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This week
delirium happy
This week has sucked, and I would like a do-over. There seems to be a lot of this going around. In the interest of scientific enquiry:

Poll #1089434 This week

This week...

...sucked like a sucky thing
...was worse than average
...was a week like any other
...was pretty good actually
...rocked my socks

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Given it isn't over yet, I'm sure that there's plenty of time for it to get suckier, too. [/pessimism]

Tomorrow, you will be kidnapped by a psychopath who forces you to watch the entirety of Children in Need.

See! I told you! Even without the psychopath part, it's yet more SUCK!

I'm right there with you--sorry!! :-(

Actually, it was more average on average than like any other, but nonetheless, meh.

(Deleted comment)
As opposed to being stoned to death (with popcorn-scented pot pourri)?

(Deleted comment)
For the record, your new* icon makes me feel grumblesome about not being able to braid your hair.

Also annoying: typing in a splint. I wrote "neqw" four times before I gave up and hunt-and-pecked it.

Come visit me and you're more than welcome to braid my hair :p

(Provided, of course, that you do so before I get around to getting it cut, if I decide to go short. However, given how good I tend to be at doing thigns in a timely fashion, that is hardly a limiting factor.)

A-ha! Even if you do wind up getting it cut short before I can find a towing dolphin with some free time, I can get around that by means of more and smaller braids. (Whee!) Unless you decide to go Sinéad O'Connor short, that is.

You should know better than to say things like that. You know how susceptible to suggestion I am!

*ahem* "Unless you decide to make a tour of the States next week, that is."

The first week in 3.5 years where I've actually had to bust ass at school ;)

Week started great, then on Tuesday evening I started feeling rough, and I'm still not recovering.

Apart from that it's been fine.

Rather than a do-over, I'd rather just skip forward into next week and hope it's a better one.

This week... was about average compared to the last six weeks. Which were pretty sucky compared to the couple of months before that, though.

but "a week just like any other" isn't a very good week

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