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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Every so often, probably about once or twice a year, when I'm feeling particularly bored, I'll play the "look up random crap on ebay" game. First, I go to ebay, and go to their root directory listing all their categories. Then I'll count the number of categories, and use a random number generator to pick one of them at random. I'll then repeat this with the subcategories to choose one of them, and so on down each category until there's no more categorisation left and i'm left with a list of items. I then use my RNG to pick out one item at random.

This is hardly the most intellectual or stimulating of pastimes, but it does beat staring into space randomly prodding F5 at my friends page in the forlorn hope that someone has written something interesting in the past 30 seconds. In a way it can be quite interesting, as a way to see just how vast ebay is. I buy stuff on ebay from time to time (I have a feedback score of 81, amassed over 5 and a bit years) but mostly I stick to the same few categories. I'll buy clothes, or DVDs, or computer games or whatever. I'm extremely unlikely to buy watches, pushchairs or garden furniture.

Anyway, this game continues until I find something I actually want to bid on, or (vastly more likely) until I get bored or am distracted by something else. In this case, I got distracted by deciding to write an LJ entry about the process. But not until I'd looked at a random building block system I'd never heard of, a vintage 1960s squeaky pig, a couple of 1960s Irish stamps, a battery charger and a superman costume for 5 year olds. Amongst other things.

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The squeaky pig looks kinda cool! I'd have been tempted by that!

(Deleted comment)
I think you're confused. I has a flavour. That's very different from having taste.

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