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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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What's in a name?
delirium happy
One of the things in this world that I particularly hate is having to give people my name over the phone. For starters, I don't have a particularly clear speaking voice: I had to have speech therapy when I was a kid, I got bullied for my voice at school, and so on. Then add the additional interference and distortion of a phone line, and I do have trouble making myself understood at times. Then to make matters worse, I have a fairly deep voice so people on the other end of the phone often have difficulty believing that my name is actually Rachel. Then there's the fact that my surname is fairly uncommon and frequently isn't recognised. Overall, the conversations tend to go something like this:

Them: OK, and can I have your name please?
Me: Sure, it's Rachel Walmsley.
Them: What was that? Nathan?
Me: Rachel
Them: Jason?
Me: No, Rachel. R-A...
Them: Oh, Randall, OK.
Me: No, Rachel. R-A-C-H-E-L.
Them: No, I need your name.
Me: That is my name.
Them: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, I'm sure.
Them: OK, and what did you say your surname was?
Me: Walmsley.
Them: OK, thank you, Mr. Warty.
Me: No, it's Walmsley.
Them: So that's W-A-R-N-S-D-A-Y?
Me: W-A-L-M-S-L-E-Y
Them: I'm sorry, can you repeat that, Mr. Wormsmelly?

And so on and so forth. It makes me want to punt puppies.

As such, when I phoned the laser hair removal place the other day, it was a wonderful, wonderful experience for me that when I was asked my name, the only question asked was "is that Rachel with an A-E or just with an E?" I think that more than anything else the woman said, that one single fact did the most to make me feel at ease. Someone who understands my voice, who is familiar enough with transfolk for that not to be a big deal, and who's from an area where the surname Walmsley is reasonably common? Yes please, I'll have a bit of that.

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Rachaels should be punted like puppies.


I agree. Rachels are far superior.

Hear hear! Rachels are definitely the best!

It puzzles me a bit, because if I remember correctly, Rachel is Hebrew for ewe, and Rachael doesn't mean anything, it's just that once people had learned how to spell Michael they decided to spell Rachel the same way. So there appear to be lots of people walking around named after what was apparently originally a spelling mistake.

okay, I'm going to use that later when people spell my name wrong. Yay!

I will never have children, but I can't imagine hating them so much as to give them a name they have to spell out all the time.

I have a friend named Amy* who has to spell out her name all the time due to the proliferation of Aimee and Amee and whatever other "creative" spellings there are. Her last name is similarly simple, and she has to spell that too.

I've also known a girl named Michael, and it just baffles me what her parents were thinking.

* And the Amy I'm referring to is not anyone on LiveJournal -- I know a few girls named Amy.

It's not a difficult name. I can see someone not from the area, over a phone line, asking you to spell Walmsley to be sure, or getting "Warmsley" instead, but some of those mistakes are evidence of not listening.

...I wouldn't say you have a deep voice. Not at all.

You may well be right. I hate my voice, so I'm just about the least objective person ever on that front. I did used to sing* bass though, which probably counts for something.

* If you could really call it singing, that is...

A singing voice is not necessarily the same as a talking voice. And when it comes to singing, it's more to do with the tone in your voice, than pitch - though pitch plays a part, sure. Trust me - you do not have a deep voice. Would I lie to you?

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