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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Oh my darling
delirium happy
As I sit here eating my clementine, I'm reminded of the old folk wisdom, of unknown providence, which states that should one peel an [orange-coloured citrus fruit of choice] in one go, then one should throw the peel over one's shoulder, and the way it lands will reveal the first initial of one's future spouse.

Personally, my peels always seem to form something of an S shape, which is good news for Sabrinas, Sophies, Simons and Shawns everywhere, but bad news for everyone else. Except possibly for Zachs and Zaras if it landed the other way up and you squinted at it. I do wonder if it's eve possible to make some of the letters though. With a first initial of R, I'm thinking that I may be doomed to a life of eternal spinsterhood.

I think I may start practising alternative peeling techniques, in an attempt to form as many different letters as I possibly can. Unfortunately, this will mean I'll have to eat a whole lot of clementines in the process, but I think I can live with that.

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Fun fact: I have never eaten an orange-colored citrus fruit of any kind.

But I did occasionally use to eat lemon slices, solely for the purpose of horrifying anyone I happened to be with at the time.

And yes. I am a terrible, terrible dinner companion.

Edited at 2007-11-25 10:13 (UTC)

I do, in fact, find that horrifying. Congratulations.

PS I don't suppose I could tempt you online for a game of scrabble could I?

Edited at 2007-11-25 10:27 (UTC)

Augh! Scraaaaaaaaable. *wail* They are making me go and walk dogs- endless, endless dogs- instead. I don't suppose I could tempt you into a game in approximately twenty hours from now?

Let me see. 20 hours from now is like four hours ago, except tomorrow, which would mean around about 09.20. I suspect that I am likely to be awake at this time, at least, and I also don't think I have anything else booked into my oh-so-hectic schedule, so I will endeavour to be around and available.

Hmm, all my peel looks like something rude, or maybe an elephant's head, or I suppose if I'm trying to see it as a letter and squinting, a T.

I've done the peel-it-in-one thing before (mostly to see if I could; I'd heard about that in a book), but I'd never heard the part about seeing what shape it landed in.

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