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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Voice Post:
delirium happy
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“o hai i made u a phone post but i deleted it! Which was because the phone post system is sucking and won't let me make a post longer than a minute, so I shall have to be fairly brief. Er, yes, since I was making a post about my voice the other day, I thought I would do a phone post so you could actually hear my voice and judge it for yourselves and decide whether my voice is in fact as horrible and horrible as I think it is or if it's just that people I talk to on the phone are generally morons. Yes, I will go now before it cuts off again. Er yes, voice post, phone post, thing, bye.”

Transcribed by: livredor

Dappy phone post system kept cutting me off after 59 seconds. What's up with that? Any LJy supporty type people able to tell me what's going on there?

I am sad that I was rushing through the post, so didn't say everything I wanted to say. Gone was the bit where I expected the auto-transcription thingy to think I was talking about rampaging aardvarks. Gone was the part where I accused burr86 of being a commy nazi kitten-molester, for no reason at all other than that I've always wanted to commit slander on LiveJournal. Gone was the lengthy diatribe on how "voice post" is an evil, subversive name, and how I plan to cling onto my use of the phrase "phone post" for all eternity. Oh well.

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UK voip provider sux :(

Ah. Figures. I'll call the US one next time, then. It's only a few pence more.

Given how much trouble I sometimes have with accents* I am vastly amused that I got all of that and the auto-transcriber thingie was apparently completely fogged. Take that, still-in-development technology!

And your voice is not remotely horrible. I 'pfft!' in your general direction. As follows: Pfft! (I also 'pfft' heartily in the direction of the voice post thingie for not giving you sufficient time to cover aardvarks and slander. I feel deprived.)

*When I was eleven or so, I had a scottish camp counselor whom I found almost completely unintelligible. I was too embarrassed to keep going "...er?" all the time, so I just pretended to have understood whatever she'd said, with predictably awkward results.

The "still-in-development technology" is (probably underpaid) people thrown in cold with no context. If you were using dictation software, it would get better at your voice over time; there's no way for that to happen here, because even if you made a lot of phone posts, they'd each get auto-transcribed by someone different.

So you believe the Mechanical Turk theory about Spinvox? I'm quite amused by how thrown it (or zie) is by rho's accent! A lot of the transcriptions have come out so good that people can't believe that they're really automatic, but this one looks machine translated; the guesses don't even make sense.

rho, your voice is lovely. And really not particularly deep or male-sounding at all. I go with the generally morons theory, myself.

What's this? Is the mighty D2 a myth? If so then I object terrribly: anything 'automatic' that's done by people flies in the very face of my personal vision of automatimaticity. Hmmph.

Edited at 2007-11-25 21:51 (UTC)

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