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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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My sister
delirium happy
I've just got off the phone with my mum. She's giving me a lift into Bolton on Friday for my visit to the laser hair removal people, and then I'm going back to visit her and my dad for the evening, and she wanted to call to figure out the details of that.

However, while on the phone, she also told me that my sister has got engaged. Apparently, she and her boyfriend were on holiday in the Caribbean, and he phoned up my dad to request my sister's hand in marriage. Which I find somewhat sweet if hopelessly anachronistic.

I've never actually met her fiancé, as I probably should get used to thinking of him, due to my general failure at being sociable as opposed to a hermit. I'm assured that he's a nice guy though. Not that this is a surprise, since my sister is of the type whose marginally less likely to play doormat to a pretty but obnoxious asshole than she is to be elected president of Mars.

When she does get married (no clue as of yet when that will be), I'll be the only one of my siblings unwed, my brother being long married and with two kids. Oddly, this makes me feel strangely more comfortable about being single, if anything. My sister is four years (actually four years and two days) older than I am and my brother is older still, so this is a nice reminder that there's really no rush about these things.

But yes, congratulations to my sister, even though she doesn't read this. Also, note to self: get her email address from my dad on Friday so I can congratulate her.

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I have a slightly reverse situation: all my siblings are younger than me and either married or very involved. I think I'm the only one in my entire family - of every generation - that isn't in a relationship.

It does make me feel very lonely sometimes. But unlike everyone else, I have my supercat, and he's the best relationship I've ever had.

I know, that's pretty sad in and of itself.

But congratulations to your sister! I hope he makes her happy. :D

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